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     I woke up welcoming the warm breeze of the sun. I had smashed my alarm clock into pieces again. I stretched my body, letting my bones make a popping sound. I lazily got up to make my bed. Why do we have to make our beds if we will go to sleep on it again on the same night?

            As I tied my hair into a messy bun, I grabbed a fresh towel and went inside the bathroom. I don’t know why I have this weird habit of tying my hair before going to shower. I am weird, I know. Don’t remind me.

            After an hour of getting ready to school, I kissed my mom goodbye. I waited for the bus to stop in front of my house. I do not have a car that is why I am taking the bus. I really want one but my parents think that I will just waste money refilling gas since the school bus is free. I cannot blame them because they are just being… parents.


            “What is the answer Ms. Blocke?” Mr. Reynolds, my Music teacher asked me.

            “Umm… a D flat?” I answered hesitantly.

            He nodded once indicating that I got the correct answer. “I know you are good at my subject but please show at least a little bit of interest. I could not stand students spacing out in my class.”

            “Yes. I’m very sorry Mr. Reynolds.”

            Music is favorite and my best subject. I never had lessons on it before; I am just naturally good at it.

            “Back to what I am saying class, Willow Records partnered up with our school to search for the next Hollywood artist. So this afternoon, we will be holding auditions for those who would like to join. This is open to all students with an incredible passion for singing.”

            Did I just hear it right? Willow Records?! Willow Records is the biggest record company across the country. They are holding the most famous artists ever. This could be my shot in doing what I always wanted.

            But my biggest problem is, I had never sing in front of everyone so I don’t think I could stand in the center of the stage with hundreds of people of watching. Just thinking about it gave me butterflies in my stomach. I admit it, I have a stage fright.

            What an idiot you are. My own conscience told me.

            Shut up. You are not the one to stand there and face your fear.

            Just give it a shot. Maybe this could make you famous like you always wanted. And besides I have heard your voice. It is just plain amazing. She said trying to convince me.

            How did you know?

            I am you. Duh.


            Oh yeah right. I forgot. I thought about what my conscience has just said. It couldn’t be bad right? Or at least not. I’ll just have to pretend that I am singing inside the shower.

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