More questions for Link

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Me: Link! I have two questions for you! And I found Dark Link also. He was getting some air. Anyhow Link these questions are for you.

Link: *Smiles* Okay

Me: It is a bit different. I hope you don't mind!

Link: I am ready to answer any question, I havs thought about everyrhing for a very long time, so I am prepared!

Jeff: *Snickers*

Me: *Pats Jeff's back* Okay…whatever you say. First question. Kiss, Marry or avoid Vaati, Ghirahim and Zelda?

Jeff and Liu: *Laughs*

Link: What is wrong with you?!?!

Randy: *Bursts into laughter*

Me: *Laughs*

Link: *Sigh* AVOID Ghirahim, Avoid Vaati and…kiss Zelda… *Blushes*

Zelda: U-uh…okay…

Link: *Blushing*

Me: Awww! That was cute!! *Fangirling*

Jeff: Like you

Me: Okay Jeffery!

Jeff: !

Link: Okay okay. We get it. Calm down. What is the next question?

Vaati: *Gags*

Ghirahim: *Smirking* Oh, well. Its not like I wanted the other two options. Where are you getting these questions anyways???

Me: Sorry Link. And well, I just make things up as I go.

Jeff: Sure…

Me: *Playfully smacks Jeff* Next question. Link, how annoying are the four swords?

Link: *Chuckles* I knew you would eventually ask that question.

Me: *Laughs* Yeah, me too.

Link: Well, they can be…EXTREMELY annoying sometimes. *Sighs* But, they are very helpful. They are great helpers…when they arent distracted. But yeah, they can be pretty annoying. *Laughs*

Vio: Oh thanks a lot, Link.

Link: Well, you can be annoying. And Red, too! Did you expect me to lie?

Vio: Oh, I wish you would have. Now I am embarrassed. *Sad face*

Dark Link: Okay then. Link, I have a question for you now.


Dark Link: Have you ever told a lie in your entire life?

Ben: *Raises eyebrow*

Zelda: He is not that kind of person Dark. *Giggles*

Link: *Blushes* I don't know. But I'm not perfect, so yes. In my past I probably have told a lie…more than likely.

Ganondorf: *Grunts*

Ghirahim: You aren't perfect? *Sarcasm*

Jeff and Ben: *Laugh uncontrollably*

Me: Boys control yourselves. Jeff I will call you Jeffery again and I know you hate that so calm yourself smiley.

Jeff: *Stares at me*

Me: Back on topic.

Randy: Okay a tip for you diamond boy. No one not even you are perfect.

Ghirahim: Hey!

Randy: It's true

Link: *Rolls eyes*

Vio: *Sigh*

Ghirahim: Who would've thought that LINK wasn't perfect? Or at the most, tell a lie???

Link: Shut up already! Who are you? Mr. Perfect?

Ghirahim:  yes, I do like to think of myself as that. *Fabulous hair flip*

Zelda: In skyward sword, you were FAR from perfect.


Jeff: *Inches closer to me*

*Cricket cricket cricket*

Zant: Sorry…

Me: Well, that is all for now but I will be back soon! Bye!

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