Chapter 21

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The doctor whom I still didn't know the name of came back shortly after going to get Charles. He was behind her and his eyes lit up once he saw me.

"You're awake." He repeated the same words the doctor had said. I just nodded and pointed to my mouth and made an x shape with my fingers. Realization washed over his face.

"You can't talk." He pointed out, making me nod.

"Her neck is in too bad of a shape." The doctor told Charles. "I'll have to change her bandages in a couple of minutes to be sure the wounds don't get infected." Charles nodded.

"Alright. Do you mind if I stay in here while that happens." He turned to me and I shook my finger as I was too scared to shake my head. "Okay." He sat down in one of those rolling chairs. "Do your thing Doctor Jenny."

"I'm going to to need you to sit up straight and away from the head board." The doctor whom I now know as doctor Jenny instructed me. I obliged and shifted my body, flinching as I accidentally put too much pressure on my wrists as I tried to push myself up.

"Careful." Charles got up from his seat and helped me get situated before sitting back down.

"Thank you beta Charles." Doctor Jenny said.

"My pleasure."

Doctor Jenny began to peel the bandages that were around my neck away. I whimpered as the last round of them got stuck slightly.

She hummed in confusion. "Your wounds aren't healing properly. They're taking an awfully long time to heal. You're healing at the rate of a normal human, which isn't fast at all."
I grabbed the clipboard and pen again and began scribbling away on it.

I haven't heard from my wolf since I was put down there.

She nodded her head and hummed again. "Your wolf must be tired out from trying to take most of the pain from the silver for you."

I still felt a lot of pain so it couldn't have been that.

"You didn't feel nearly the amount of pain you should have felt. Your wolf was taking a lot of it." She said. She finished putting new bandages on and went on to my wrists.

"These aren't as bad as your neck." She said which made me smile greatfully. She finished wrapping the last one up and set it down. "There." She said. "We'll let you rest for a while and I'll come check on you later and run some tests to make sure you're doing fine." I nodded slightly. Both the doctor and Charles smiled at me before leaving the room.

I layed myself down again and closed my eyes, hoping to get some sleep. I was exhausted even though I had just woke up from a two week coma. It seemed like forever but after a couple minutes, I finally managed to succumb to the darkness.

Orion's POV

Charles had gone to see Rayna in the hospital. I want to go and see her but I'm keeping myself from going to her. I can't be with her.

I had gone downstairs for pack training this morning. I had told my pack that Rayna had to go back to her pack because there was some urgent business she needed to help out with. I told them she would be back soon.

I lent agaisnt the door frame of the pack house, waiting for Ace for a couple minutes by the door before he showed up.

"Have you heard anything?" He asked and I shook my head.

"They still don't know when she'll wake up. She is getting better." I said while pushing myself off the frame and walking over to him. He only sighed.

"I haven't gotten a chance to go see her with all the training of the wolves that are now old enough to be trained." He explained. Though I didn't blame him. He has had a lot of work lately.

Just as we were about to leave, I bumped into someone. I was about to growl at them when I saw it was Charles who had just come back from seeing Rayna. He mumbled a quick 'sorry' before speaking.

"She woke up." He said which made something in me lighten up from hearing those words.

"Really? How is she?" Asked Ace.

"She seems fine but doctor Jenny still has to run some tests to make sure she  really is fine." He said, making Ace and I nod in understanding. I decided to go see her after training. Not because I want to go myself but because I'm doing it for Daren. It's the least I can do.

"Is she doing them now?" I asked.

"No, Rayna is sleeping right now. She just got her bandages changes so the doctor is letting her rest for a couple hours until she does them."

"Alright." I nodded. I went to exit the pack house and everyone else followed.


Rayna's POV

I awoke with the quiet beeping that I've been hearing echoing in my ears. I was laying in my side, facing the wall with my arms outstretched in front of me so my wrists wouldn't get squished from my body weight. I stayed laying there for a while.

I then heard the door knob turn and heavy footsteps make their way into the room.

"Hey, you awake?" I shivered at the voice. It was none other than Orion's voice that I have come to hate. I ignored him and continued staring at the wall in front of me.

"I know you're awake. I came to check how you were doing." He said after I didn't respond for a couple seconds.

Yeah just like how you 'checked' on me when I was down there dying. I spat in my head. He growled and my eyes widened, remembering that we have a mate link. Whoops.

"So... how are you feeling.?" I rolled my eyes so hard that I could practically see inside my head.

I'm feeling splendid. Sarcasm was dripping from my voice. I rolled my eyes once more.

I feel like a piece of shit, Orion. How else am I supposed to feel after I've been trapped in a dungeon with no food or water, cold and alone, and constantly being burned my silver?

He didn't say anything for a second, most likely trying to find something to say. "I gave you food and water, Rayna. You're the one who didn't eat." He said.

Was I the one that trapped myself down there? Am I the one who has no patience and can't stand being told the truth? No. I am not. You are. I hate how you demand respect when you clearly don't have any yourself.

"I don't need to give respect to others, I am the Alpha here and everyone is expected to treat me with respect." He said which made me roll my eyes once more.

This conversation is getting really repetitive. If that's all you're gonna say then why don't you just leave and spare me from having to hear your voice?" He growled but didn't say anything else as he stormed out of the room and slammed the door behind him.

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