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⊹⊱ Mingxia ⊰⊹

     My eyes widened in surprise at the deathly ball of fire hurdling towards us, frozen in shock. However, I was quickly pulled to the side and enveloped within the confines of powerful dragon wings. I opened my eyes, waiting for the pain to come but there was nothing.

Are you alright, Xīngān? Liwei grumbled in my mind. I could tell that he was doing his best to restrain his dragon. The shakiness in his voice led me to believe that it was a quickly losing battle.

Yes, I'm fine. A little shaken up, but fine. Are you alright?

Flames don't hurt me, Xīngān. Remember? I'm perfectly unharmed. He raised his head and looked out the large hole in the wall, where the fire ball was thrown. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for our enemies.

You can't go out there! They tried to kill us.

No, they know flames cannot kill us. They only meant to send a message.

So, you know who these people are?

It's just like that night...

Liwei, you're not making any sense. I don't know what's going on.

Xīngān, I need you to go with Shuren. She will protect you and take you to a safe location.

I can't leave you alone! There must be hundreds of invaders outside. There has to be something I can do to help.

There is. Staying safe will help put my mind at ease. Please promise me no matter what, you won't come outside.

"Lady Mingxia?" Shuren asked from the door. Her eyes were filled with concern but there was also a strong sense of determination swirling within their depths.

Everything seemed so unfair, who were these invaders and why did they choose now to attack? Was there something that they wanted? My mind wandered to that peculiar moment in the library with Cerai, but I brushed off the memory. There was no way that he was behind this attack, there had to be someone else with other motives in mind.

Xīngān, please. I have to protect our people. I cannot do that if I know you are unsafe.

I promise...

And with that, he drew in some momentum with his powerful wings, the golden scales glittered against the moonlight. I only hoped that this wouldn't be the last time that we would see each other and that he would return to me.

I will always return to you, he whispered in my mind. An immense amount of love filled me as I was flooded with his raw emotion. I knew that he was strong enough to defend our people and our country, but it would be no easy feat. It was relieving to know that Guanyu and the other men would be beside him, to make sure he wouldn't get hurt.

Liwei took off out of the large hole in the wall and into the line of attackers, leaving me and Shuren behind. I couldn't help but stare at the spot he previously stood, trying to engrave his image in my mind as if I would forget later. I sent a silent prayer to Meihui, asking her to protect all of us. We would be depending on her strength these next few hours.

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