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I stand up and look at myself in the bathroom mirror, somehow surprised to still be in my work clothes from yesterday. Shit. I had work today.

"Hello, Cozy Cafe, how can I help you?" Leah answers in a monotone voice.

"Hey, it's Blair...you've probably seen the news, but I can't work right now and need to settle in at a new place."

"Sorry about all of that hon," She says, "take your time, we have plenty of workers."
"Thanks Leah." I say, and she hangs up. It's kind of sad that I need to give up my job for a while, my second home...

Knock knock.

"Come in." I call, continuing to stare at the ceiling with tired eyes. I hear the door open and someone walks in.
"I brought you some clothes that Quinn hasn't worn. And a hoodie, it gets cold." I hear Dylan's voice so I turn my head, still laying on my back, to see him holding a pile of neatly folded clothes.
"Thanks, and tell her thanks too." I finally sit up, and wipe my tired eyes.

"Have a nap, then you can come down for dinner." He says, looking at my face, and probably my dark bags.

"alright, thanks again." I say in a monotone voice.
"I'm still waiting for the shock to hit you about yesterday." He says furrowing his brows.

"It won't." I say, sure of myself. I'm so used to shit things happening that this isn't shocking, or anything really. It is how it is.

All the shit that my so called dad put us through has sunk in to the point where I don't even care what happens. What even is life anymore for me?

"well um, get some rest." He mumbles, looking away from my intense stare.

"Ok." I lay down after Dylan puts the clothes on a chair, and shuts the door quietly.

And then I cry.

I cry for my mum, that she hasn't gotten the life she deserves. That she is suffering because of someone else's actions. I cry for myself, because I have to keep our family together, all the strain is on my back. That I won't get a full education, I won't go out to parties, get a boyfriend, do normal things. I'll be looking after my mum, working like mad. My mum and I won't live normally, ever again. Because of someone leaving, a chain of events is happening in an endless and inescapable cycle.

What do we do? Yes we have a roof over our heads now, but it's just a cover up to a whole web of messes underneath, waiting to be revealed again. I've buried our past for years, praying that maybe I'll wake up in a perfect world. With a perfect life. I cry until my throat burns and my breathing is ragged, wishing that I could be like Dylan and Quinn. Living in luxury, rich and simple. But the thing is, I'm doomed to be like this. Nothing will change.

It's not even anger that I'm feeling, it's just a mound of sadness, piled up until I finally burst.

Eventually I force myself to breathe and fall asleep, sleeping right through dinner and until morning.


"Morning," I grumble, rubbing my half-closed eyes as I enter the kitchen. I had a quick shower and got changed into a pair of blue skinny jeans and a cropped and lacy, black top. The kinds of clothes he gave me all have a hint of sexiness to them, whether it's lace, cropped, tight or short. I don't mind, but I find it almost amusing at the types of clothes Quinn wears, and what Dylan picks out. I'm not complaining, these jeans make my ass look good. I stared at myself in the mirror until I got used to the fact that these are probably super expensive, and here I am.

Mum is at the table, sifting through a bunch of toiletries and essentials, and Quinn is at the stove frying some eggs.

"You cook?" I blurt out before I realise how fucked that sounds. "I mean, I thought you'd sleep in."
She chuckles, "yeah I cook, surprising I know. And I prefer day naps over sleeping in."
"Like a cat." I laugh.

"Exactly." She winks playfully and I sit at the table.

"Morning ma."

"Morning sweetie. How'd you sleep?" She pauses and turns to me.

"Alright, the mattress is way more comfy than my bed." She smiles.

"How was the shops?" I yawn.
"Good, I got a heap of stuff." She looks at my tired eyes. "How are you still tired? You slept for over 13 hours hun."
I laugh and say, "I'm all over the place."

"I feel you, here's some bathroom stuff, you can settle in." She passes me a pile of things, in which I run up stairs and organise quickly.

I come back down and see Dylan sitting on one of the bench stools. When I notice the smile creeping onto my face, I wipe it away and take a breath. You're living with him, not dating him. I also see that mum isn't here, and probably enjoying the quiet of her own place outside.

"Morning sleepy." I say, taking a seat next to him and avoid looking at his abs. He's wearing plain black tracksuits with his toned stomach on show.

"Put a shirt on." Quinn rolls her eyes at him in which he ignores, as she serves up the egg and bacon.

"So what's with you sleeping in?" I ask and am surprised as to how comfortable I am with Dylan even though we've known each other for only a few days.

"Usually I have meetings and shit." He says, "but today I have nothing 'till 12."
"Wow so much time." I say sarcastically, although his schedule probably is usually busy.

"For me, yeah." He replies, digging into the food.

"Rude ass, didn't even thank me." Quinn mutters. I hide my smile and thank her in which she smiles, and I eat the best breakfast I've had in a long time.

"Why are smiling so much?" Dylan peers at me as I shove a forkful of eggs in my mouth. He looks amused, a small smile tugging at his lips.

"Good food." I mumble, careful not to share too much. I'm glad mum is eating in her own little house because I'm sure she'd interfer. At least I'm sure Dylan would have a shirt on if she was here. "So what do you have on today?"
"A photo shoot, for some kind of magazine." I almost laugh at how casual this sounds, and he doesn't even know what he's shooting for.

I nod, clearing my plate and putting it in the dishwasher. By now Quinn has gone into her room, probably to change out of her pajama pants. I feel a warm breath on my neck and I slowly spin around to be met with Dylan in front of me, inches apart. I nearly jump because we literally don't even know each other. But instead I play it cool and smirk.

"Just have to clear my plate." He smirks back so I step aside, purposely brushing my fingers over his hard abs. His eyes flick down but then back to the plate as he loads it into the dishwasher.

I decide to go see my mum for a while and tear my eyes away from Dylan's back muscles clenching as he bends down.

"Hey Blair?" He calls when I reach the door.

"You look good in those jeans." He smirks and I hide my blush by looking down.

"And you my friend, look good without a shirt." I smirk boldly, and walk out the back door, purposely swaying my hips.

Maybe living with Dylan won't be so bad after all.

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