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Hey, Ran. How are you doing?

Conan caressed the stone cheek of his childhood love Mouri Ran, standing in middle of the garden of statues he had been gifted by Kaitou KID.

I'm finally where I started off. Seventeen and about to graduate, again. Kind of stupid, don't you think so?

His hand wandered over her shoulder, along her arm and to her stone hand she had outstretched, pointing at something she most likely wanted to show her stone Shinichi. Both were holding hands, Ran seemingly pulling the detective to whereever she wanted to go, excitement and joy in her expression. KID had truly created a masterpiece, in every single statue.
Conan grasped the outstretched hand and held it gently, thumb caressing the back of her hand. Her own hand had been just as cold as this stone and Conan was painfully aware of that fact, yet he couldn't bring himself to let go of the statue.

I shouldn't have stayed with you and Mouri-san, Ran. I'm sorry. It shouldn't have went this way.

This one fatal moment where his curse had hit Ran instead of anybody else. The girl who had always survived, the girl who had never given up.

You had been covered by a rag when I came home to see you. Cold and rid of life.

Much to his surprise, it hadn't been the Black Organization. It had been the attack of a former criminal Mouri Kogoro had brought behind bars years ago. A molotov cocktail thrown into the agency, a scream and a large explosion was all the neighbors had recognized. Everything had happened so fast, everything he had loved so dearly was gone in one second.

Your hand was slightly burned... not as soft and gentle as usual...

Conan had to turn away to suppress his upcoming tears. What was it worth to cry about? It had happened, he couldn't change it. At least he had found the killer the same day.

You are dead since three years, Ran... I wish I could have told you how I really feel. I wish I could have kissed you. I wish I... I wish I could have revealed myself before your death.

Conan couldn't avoid to let his eyes fall instead onto the KID statue right behind him as soon as he had averted himself from Ran. A small crow had settled on top of the stone hat, glaring carefully down onto the detective, ready to fly away at any wrong or too quick action taken by him. Conan snorted and tilted his head, staring back just as wary.

Kaitou KID... Would you rather resemble a bunny or a bird?

Conan shook his head to get rid of the thought and lowered his gaze onto the forget-me-nots covering the ground. How many years had it been since he had heard of Kaitou KID? His disappearance had created a storm of mass media and thousands of reporters trying to interview Edogawa Conan about this.

I wonder where you are.

It happened in the evening that Conan finally noticed. The full moon bled onto its surroundings, diving the earth into a silverish glow... it was a beautiful night, indeed. Conan had abandoned his comfortable bed inside the Kudo manor to stand at the window and observe the night sky since long; every full moon he felt a slight unnerving tension going through his body. The wind, the moon, the darkness... it all reminded him of Kaitou KID and what he had done for him.
As his gaze slipped from the nightsky and onto the statues, something caught his eyes.

Shinichi... is Shinichi bleeding?

Conan couldn't believe his eyes. He quickly whirled around and threw a morning robe over, halfway trying to stumble down the stairs during it. His heartbeat felt so much higher than before, an unbearable excitement made his stomach flutter happily.

Did you leave me a hint?

Conan flew out of his house and into the garden, doing a full stop in front of the statue, phone in hand. Eyes narrowed onto the unnatural view, he tried to analyze what he saw to understand it. KID had always been a mystery, creating a statue which could bleed from their heart years after his disappearance wasn't too off.
Tiny cracks were visible in the statues' heart and Conan couldn't resist, didn't want to resist. He lifted a stone from the ground and began to slam it against the heart, over and over again. The statue shook, cracks widened; Conan continued, desperate for answers. Nobody had seen KID since years.
The fluid began to cover his hands the more he punched the statue, Conan didn't care. Finally- the heart crumbled and fell to the ground; more of the fluid splashed out like a waterfall, hitting Conan full force, obviously collected through all those years. The detective grimaced and shook himself once.

Ew... My body tingles... What is this feeling...?

The last thing he made out was a splitted gem inside the hole he had made, shining like the moon itself, pulsing as more and more blood appeared, forming a large puddle on the ground.
Conan's vision went black.

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