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Welcome to Norco Ranch Eggs & Farming stories. This Wattpad page is designed to share insight from the farm on sustainability, ethical farming practices, and its history in growing these for the modern era. 

We greatly look forward to learning about the history of the company and how Norco Ranch was born. 

Norco Ranch Eggs was born over four decades ago

Our story began with identifying a need in the communities where our farmers live and work. Farm-fresh eggs have always been an integral part of mealtimes, and our network of family-owned farms recognized a market need for nutritious eggs produced to the highest standards. Today, our eggs meet or exceed numerous food quality standards on the state, national, and international levels. We are most proud of our Level Three certification under the Safe Quality Food Program, which has set the leading food safety standards in the world.

Our farmers use both traditional and innovative farming practices and adhere to the values inherent in these practices. The result is a network of farms that provide nutritious feed, clean water, and safe living environments for our hens – the foundation of our business. To ensure the highest levels of animal husbandry, Norco Ranch farms are certified by a third-party animal welfare program. When hens are well cared for, they produce superior eggs.

Environmental stewardship is an important part of our business as well. In every part of our operation, we strive to reduce waste, lessening the impact on our environment. By using non-toxic and recycled materials in our packaging, and by reducing our packaging to minimal methods, we have achieved a high level of quality while protecting the communities in which we operate. These extra steps have positioned Norco Ranch eggs as an industry leader, implementing industry best practices in order to ensure the best quality and the least environmental impact possible.  

More story coming, stay tuned!

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