The Alpha's Daughter - Chapter 15

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I could hear Radleigh and Ade shouting my name but I didn't answer them, worried about attracting Dante and his pack. As long as I kept quiet and went as fast as I could with Annie, it would be fine. But it was difficult to keep my footing on the forest, and every now and again I would slip and slide on the ice. Fear pulsed through me like a new addition to my bloodstream. Annie looked dead, there was no hiding that from myself. My wolf whimpered worriedly but I took no notice. I was freezing. It had begun to snow yet again, and the flakes fell on my head like mutant pieces of dandruff.

"Cal!" Their voices were becoming nearer; they hadn't changed like I had. I was panting, the cold and the worry hitting me hard.

"Radleigh," I called out. "Radleigh, over here!" Moments later, he came crashing through the trees. He took one look at his sister and his face contorted in horror.

"What happened?" he growled, coming towards me.

"I just found her," I said. I wasn't going to tell him about the black eyes just yet; there was no point in worrying him even more than necessary. He made like he was about to take her out of my arms but a strangled growl escaped my throat which made him stop in his tracks. There was a brief moment of tension but it vanished soon enough; there wasn't time for wounded pride.

We walked back to the house in complete silence. I tried to read Annie's thoughts but it was just a misty haze. Radleigh jogged in front, approaching Jase, Gordon and Sierra, who were waiting on the stone steps. Jase's face fell when he saw Annie and he sprinted towards us.

"What the fuck happened?" he hissed, checking her neck for a pulse. I said nothing, I just kept walking towards the house. It would be alright as long as I could get her into the warmth. Her body was so very cold. Jase, like Radleigh, tried to take her from me but I held on. Taking her away from me now would be like ripping out my heart and stamping on it.

"Put her in the living room," Sierra said, hastily taking blankets from the hall airing cupboard. I did what she had said, laying her down on the sofa where, not even twenty four hours before, Flint had been lying. But this was different. Annie wasn't Flint; she was much more important to me than Flint could ever be. I stroked the stray dark hairs out of her face. If she woke up from this, I was never going to let her out of my sight. I was going to be the most protective mate that had ever walked the earth. She was never going to leave my side and I would never let someone so much as touch her. I kissed her forehead; she was still so cold.

"What happened Cal?" I swear to God, if someone asked me that question again I was going to-

"What?" Gordon challenged. "You're going to what?"

"Nothing," I muttered bitterly, not moving from Annie's side. Gordon came over and felt her head. Then he proceeded to feel her pulse. What good was this doing? She could be dying and we were all pussyfooting about doing the routine stuff.

"She's still breathing," he said, standing up. Him and I were about the same height, but I found his stance intimidating. "But I need you tell me what happened."

"I heard her from the woods and then...I saw a really, really bright light," I told him, remembering what could have only been minutes before. "When I found her, her eyes were black." The mark on my chest burned as I spoke. I raised my hand instinctively to it. Gordon's eyes widened.

"Get the boys and go into the woods," he said, heading to the door. "Find Dante and his pack and don't come back until you do!" He shouted the last part. I looked one last time at Annie and my heart sank; how had it come to this? There were so many things I wanted to tell her and for her to tell me. I wanted to let her know that everything we had gone through the past few days...none of it mattered. I wanted her to know that I loved her.

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