The New Guy {Part 4}

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Wow. I never did that. Im the shy one. The one who closes up around people. Not the one who is flirty and giving-out-number type. I got home and looked around. My mother was no where to be seen. Not that its a surprise. She never is home anyway. I sighed and went up stairs. I dropped my bag at the door and looked in the mirror. I sighed. Just then my front jeans pocket started to vibrate. I jumped. I pulled it out of my pocket and saw the caller ID Private Number. Weird. "Hello?" I answered. "Hey Hunter. It's Seth. I was wondering if you wanna, i dunno, go to a movie on Saturday?" It was Thursday so i said "I would LOVE to go to the movies with you Seth." I grinned to myself. "Really!? Oh cool" He said, sounding excited, "I'll pick you up at 12?" I was still looking in mirror. "Sounds awesome. See you then" and i hung up. I layed down on my bed and fell asleep for the rest of the day/night. I heard my phone buzz, telling me to wake up. I got up out of bed and muttered "Shit." I slept in my good clothes. Oh well. I went to my dresser and got out a pair of skinny black jeans and a ocean colored blue tank top cropped once again to show my stomach off. I went into the bathroom and had a shower. When i was out of the bathroom, i looked like a supermodel. My light blonde hair was styled so that my fringe was on the right side of my face. I had on make-up that made me look good. My jeans fitted me perfectly and my top showed just enough skin. I quickly grabbed my bag and, on my way out grabbing my car keys aswell, i rushed out the door and into my black convertable. I made it to school with 20 minutes to spare. Thank god for my out-of-control driving. I got out of my car and leaned against it. I pulled out my iphone and checked facebook. I was giggling at what a couple of people where arguing about when i heard a voice in front of me "Bit to early for facebook doncha think?" i looked up to see Tyler's smiling face. I grinned at him. "Nah. Its never to early for facebook Ty." I looked back down at my phone and then Seth came over. "Hey Hunter, This your car?" He asked running his fingers up the glossy black pain. I grinned over at him, just to get blown away with his looks. "Yeah its mine" His hair was spiked up today. He wore a black t-shirt that fit him perfectly, showing off his muscles. He wore faded jeans. I looked back down at my phone and saw Tyler eying Seth. I shook my head. Testosterone was in the air. Just then the warning bell rang. I sighed and stepped past Tyler and into the gates. They both followed me.

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