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•{ Tori's POV }•

I read her old diary first. I'm a fast reader especially when I'm interested so it only took four hours to read about her whole life up until she gave birth to me.

It only took four hours for my whole life to be flipped upside down and for only one question to remain. What now?!

Let me give you a shorter version of her story, from her whole life journal...

She grew up in a rich family. Her mother was an author named Anne Smith, and her father was a business man and his name was Gerald Smith. She said she always felt like she wasn't being perfect enough for her parents but she knew they loved her the best they could.

My mother volunteered in shelters from when she was sixteen until she was eighteen where she happened to meet my birth fathers sister, technically my aunt named Angelina.

Apparently Angelina had been visiting in California on business with her family when she decided to visit at a shelter where my mother was volunteering in at the time.

Turns out Angelina's family, the Ferrari's owned the shelter to help out women and kids who had been abused or widowed.

My mother wrote that Angelina was like an Angel and said her name fit her well.

They became like sisters very quickly. Almost within a month. Angelina couldn't stand the thought of living my mother behind so she convinced her to come back home with her to visit with her and her brother.

My mother hesitantly agreed because of Angelina's pleading. She didn't find out until they got on a seemingly private plane that she would be traveling to Italy with a girl she had only known for a month.

She realized how crazy it was and tried to get off of the plane to go back to her parents, until a man she didn't know stepped on to the plane...she was attracted to him and it wasn't just because of his looks. My mother just felt a pull to know more about this mysterious man.

So for once in her life she decided to take the leap.

She found out his name was Valente, Angelina's older brother and that somehow just made her more draw to him.


My mother then talks about how beautiful Italy was but how strange Angelina's family was.

My mother quickly realized that the only blood relation to Angelina,  was Valente her older brother. The rest were just men who walked around like bodyguards.

My mother began to get more curious about this family and the more she discovered the more she realized she didn't want to know.


So here my mother was falling in love with Valente and his mysterious and charming personality, having a sister like relationship with Angelina...only to discover that life is dangerous and cruel, nothing like she thought.

She found out that Valente was the Don to the Italian mafia and his bestfriend Leonardo, who he called a brother and quickly became like a brother to her was actually his underboss.

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