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•{ Tori's POV }•

My name is Tori Miller, I'm twenty four years old and my height is 5'8. I have dark brown hair and my eyes are blue and green it really depends on the lighting.

My mothers name is Elise Miller and she's the only family I have. Her parents kicked her out when she was pregnant with me because she didn't follow their strict lifestyle. She never had any siblings and as far as my father goes ;
I've never met him.

My mother use to talk about him some if I asked but I could see the pain in her eyes so after a while I stopped asking and just accepted. Because if he wanted to be apart of my life he would be around. Right?

I've lived in New York with my mother for as long as I can remember. It's always just been me and her against the world...but one day we found out she had cancer and she tried to fight.
She had two surgeries and even suffered threw a round of chemo but nothing seemed to work it just made her sicker. So she stopped it all and lived her last few months without treatment spending as much time with me as possible. She died of cancer two weeks ago.

It's been hard but I've been throwing myself into my work. I'm a fashion designers assistant. It isn't my dream job but I'm not one for the spotlight so I like it enough and it pays the bills. My boss is an older lady who has taught me so much about being a woman in business and she's been extremely understanding and kind threw the past few years with my mothers sickness and death.
Most people hate their bosses so I'm definitely lucky in that sense.

Anyway, today is the day I'm packing up my mothers things and giving items to a local women's shelter that she helped open and run until she got really sick and even then she would make me take her to visit.

My mother had a heart for helping those in need especially if they were women. I know she must've went threw a lot of tough times in her life by how she dealt with things..but my mother always had a kind, calm, innocent, and peaceful like spirit about her. It was something I always admired her for but I know that it must've caused her a lot of pain in her younger years because the world tends to try and stomp out the light in people a lot.

As I'm going threw her things. I can't help but remember memories where she wore the piece of clothing or jewelry. I guess that's how it is when someone dies you only have memories to look back on and at times things will bring back memories no matter how painful or happy they are.

I've just finished packing most of her clothes and jewelry outside of the pieces I'm keeping.
She also asked before she passed that I donate her bed and everything to the shelter also.

I even found a key hidden under her mattress that belongs to her file cabinet that is in her room that she always kept locked.
In the file cabinet I just found a lot of my childhood drawings and things but at the very bottom I found what seems to be her old diary and huge envelope file that says "Ferrari".

At that moment I became curious.
My mother always said it would get me in trouble one day.

She was right...

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