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That night, I slept more than I had in the last year. The smell of home, the feeling of home- if I wasn't with Michael then I'd move back home to be honest.

It was nice to cuddle Alexis in the morning, giving me half asleep rambles as she curled into me. Every so often, I planted a kiss on her head, and hummed in agreement to what she was saying.

Eventually, mum came upstairs with a coffee and some milk for us, so I sat Alexis up and took it.

"Thanks, mum,"

"You two slept late. Luke came and dropped off two cookies for you,"

"Uncle Luke?"


"Then we must call him,"

"He is working love, but we can later,"

"I thought that today we could go to the ice rink, it's being taken down next week,"

Ice skating was something we had done every year as a kid for as long as I could remember. Usually, it was before Christmas, but things had got a little crazy so I hadn't managed to pass the tradition on to Alexis yet.

"What's that?"

"You get some special shoes and skate across ice. You can use a penguin to balance,"

"A real penguin!"

"No, a toy penguin munchkin,"

"Well that's no fun,"

"I took your dad when he was younger, he loved it!"

"Well, maybe I will like it,"

"I think so. Why don't we go downstairs and have breakfast?" I suggested.

"Well I actually came to ask what type of egg you both wanted,"

Usually, I'd protest, but mum was just looking after me. Honestly, I needed it right now.

"Poached please," Alexis said, "and that's what dad will say too,"

"Well aren't you smart?"

"Did I get it?"

"You did,"

"Grandma, I am good at guessing. I guessed dad's favourite princess, and now his eggs, and I guessed that Uncle Ashton would have a burger on Saturday,"

"Oh my goodness! Can you guess what dad needs right now?"

"Lots of cuddles?"

"That's right. I'll call you down when breakfast is ready,"

She giggled and put her drink down, waiting for me to do the same. Then, she climbed onto my lap and stood on it, hugging me which caused me to fall back with her on my front. She kissed my nose, giggling again.

"I am silly,"

"I think that's a good thing," I smiled, "you're looking less tired today,"

"I had a good sleep,"

"All ready for school next week. You get to go all week!"

"I am a big girl,"

"Still my baby girl,"


I chuckled and closed my eyes, feeling her rest on my chest. Just as we were bound to have fallen asleep again, mum called us for breakfast.

"Can you carry me?"

"Hold on then,"

I took her downstairs and we sat at the table, our food out on the placemats with fresh drinks. Mum had cut Alexis' food up, and it was cute how much she thought about her needs.

"I need to go and run some errands, but I'll be back before lunch. Is that okay?"

"Of course,"

"Do you need anything?"

I shook my head and so did Alexis, tucking into her breakfast.

"You know where everything is, I'll see you later,"

As soon as she left, Alexis giggled, making me ruffle her hair.

"Grandma is a good cook!"

"She is,"

"She can teach me to make cakes!"

"Of course! Grandma has a lot more knowledge than just cakes though. She taught me a lot,"

"Like what?"

"All sorts of lessons. How to deal with mean people, how to work hard, how to save money, how to cook, how to look after you,"


"I know love, she is really smart,"

After breakfast, she went to the living room snd started to play with her dolls house. I tidied the kitchen for mum, then laid on the sofa and put a film on my phone. Alexis was much calmer lately, which concerned me a little, but was probably her nightmares.

Besides, she never played up for my mum.

"Dad, can you play this with me?"

She ran over with a board game, placing it on the floor and getting the parts out. It was a game for kids where you had to go to the different shops and get everything from your shopping list. It was good to play because she got used to the idea of it.

"I certainly can,"

"I love being with you in the day dad,"

"I wish I didn't have work," I chuckled, sitting next to her to help set it up, "you'll be busy at school soon,"

"Oh yeah. Sadie and Ethan will be waiting,"

"I'm sure they will, what colour do you want to be?"


I smiled and handed her the piece, starting to play the game. Throughout it, she was giggling, and got quite competitive- it reminded me of Rose.

Everything did at this point.

"I won!"

"Well done love,"

"You played well too,"

I put her on my lap and kissed her head, smiling when she curled into my body.

"Does the champion want a morning snack?"

"Yes please,"

"How about some pineapple?"

"Yes please,"

"Come and find your bowl then,"

She scrambled to the kitchen and went into the cupboard, while I got some pineapple I'd seen in the fridge. I put some chunks in her bowl and got her fork, then she sat at the small table my mum had; Alexis did crafts there.

I gave her the fruit and went back to the living room, hearing her blabber on to herself about unicorns- as usual. Once she was done, she wandered back through and climbed beside me.

"Dad, I like you in this outfit instead of your animal one,"

"Well unfortunately I have to wear my scrubs pretty often,"

"I have to talk to your boss,"

"That's kind of you, but it's okay,"

"When is grandma getting back?"

"Soon, love,"

She looked up at me with her bright eyes and stuck her tongue out, giggles erupting from her tiny body. I made sure she didn't fall off the sofa and pulled her close.

"Dad. I need to know something so I can imagine mummy better,"

"Go on,"

"Who taught you the most? Your mum or my mummy?"

"I think they're both equal," I smiled, "but you've taught me a lot too, Alexis,"

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