Chapter 12: Moving Out [Woochan]

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Rushing around the small apartment, Chan grabbed his bag off the counter. Suddenly he felt a pair of arms wrap around him. Prepared to scream at the intruder, Chan tensed.

"Where are you going, Channie?" A soft voice asked.

"Woojin," Chan sighs, "You scared me."

Turning around, Chan studies a Woojin's face. It held such a comfort, Chan sighs and leans into his arms.

"What's got you so tense?" Woojin asks, stroking Chan's hair.

"3Racha has a project and Changbin's sick." Chan fiddles with his fingers and adverts Woojin's eyes.

"Don't lie to me, Chrispy." Woojin sternly shifts Chan's face up to look in his eyes.

Biting his lip, Chan let out a puff of breath. He should've known Woojin would be able to see right through him. He leans closer into Woojin's touch, as if afraid someone might hear.

"Well... Binnie's. How do I explain it?" Chan thinks aloud. "Well, he's going through his heat."

"His .. heat?" Woojin raises an eyebrow.

"Yeah. It's like a werewolf thing. Basically he's really sick with a fever." Chan attempts to explain.

"So, why does Felix need to move back here?"

"Well that's another thing. Changbin is gonna wanna be around Lix the whole time, because they're mates, but he'll be in like a half wolf form, I guess. So, Lix isn't allowed to stay (Stay!!) because he'll probably find out if he does."

"Wait, what do you mean 'mate'? Like an Aussie mate?"

"No, not entirely like that. It's more of a boyfriend, soulmate type?"

"Ah, soulmate."

"I have to pack, but you can ask me all these questions on the phone, or later." Chan says, wiggling out of Woojin's grasp.

Tripping through the door, Chan makes it to his room. Breathing in his scent, he starts to pack. (Heh wolf pack.) After having thrown half of his room in his bag, Chan trudges out. Letting out a satisfied hum as he admires his, now clean, room.

Sorry this was so short (like Changbin.)
I feel like I didn't do Woojin any justice.

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