Vitamin D and Erectile Dysfunction

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Vitamin D is known to be a hormone that is produced by human skin in response to the Sun and to some other sources of ultraviolet-B (UVB) light. The vitamin D blood levels might fall down in the winter due to the lower angle of the sun and this condition might result in the lowered amount of natural UVB light. Blood levels are highest in late spring through early fall and lowest from the late fall right through early spring. One of the studies found that only 23% of people have blood levels of vitamin D that is sufficiently high for having good health or Malegra can help in case of impotence.

Impotence or Erectile dysfunction (ED) is an inability of a man so as to obtain an erection of sufficient strength to have sexual lovemaking session. Impotence is a symptom of damage to the lining of blood vessels, of inability of the blood vessels so as to dilate and is an early marker or warning of some sort of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Risk factors for CVD, like diabetes, hypertension, arterial calcification, and inflammation, are also risk factors for impotence. About 50% of ED is of vascular origin.

Nitric oxide (NO) is needed for the relaxation of the arterial walls of the penile so as to allow the enhanced circulation necessary for an erection to take place. NO is produced from an amino acid (arginine*) that is further activated by enzymes known as NO synthases. Impotence occurs when the circulation is inadequate which Malegra can deal with. High levels of blood glucose, as seen in diabetes, shall also inhibit the production of NO, and diabetes might enhance the incidence of both CVD and ED.

Some of the lifestyle changes that are beneficial in impotence issue might include dietary changes, exercise programs and increased vitamin D levels (either by enhancing exposure to the sun or by consumption of vitamin D-3 supplements). Vitamin D shall inhibit vascular inflammation in both ED and CVD.

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