I want to elope!

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G.Li moved her face in her sleep when Zhu Zhen showered her face with kisses.

"Rise and shine, love.", he ordered with an amused smile.

"But I want to sleep!"

"No, love. You have a long day, remember?"

Her eyes shot open at the reminder.

Holy hell!

"What do you mean, your highness?"

"Today is the day you start your training to be my official wife"


"Off-official wife!!!"

Laughter emerged in his eyes at her shocked expression as he kissed her forehead. He swiftly picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bath.

"Now get freshen up. Your training will start after breakfast"

G.Li broke down into sweats at the mentioning of her training.

"Bu...but, your highness. Why do I need to be trained? I-I don't want to be an official wife!"

Zhu Zhen's eyes turned cold and his grip on her tightened to the point of pain.

"You are not still planning to leave me, are you?"

G.Li shivered at the coldness of her voice, she could feel his rage in every cell of her body. To calm him, she hurriedly place a kiss on his neck and then rubbed her face there.

"Of course not, your highness. It's an honor to be your official wife, hehe. But why do I need to be trained, your grace?"

The emperor seemed to be pleased with her show of affection as he brushed his nose with hers and then replied,

"You are not from a royal background, so you were not taught some manners in your childhood. As an official wife, you have to excell in art, cooking, playing guzheng. You should be trained in all those things before I announce you as my official wife, shouldn't you?"

"Of course, your highness. But wh-who will train me?"

"Princess Qiao Tan"

Princess Qiao Tan!!!!! Ummm... Can I die?


Hell! Gongsun Li's life had become hell once her training started. Gone was her cozy, comfortable life where she could eat like a glutton and sleep like a sheep, her life was now in the strict routine of Qiao Tan. Qiao Tan, that filthy would be queen character, she was hell bent on making our poor Li's life a burning hell!!!

"Hey you! Play the guzheng properly. The way you are playing it, seems like a half dead donkey is shrieking bizarrely!"

Gongsun Li scrunched her nose at that irritating maid of princess Qiao Tan as she concentrated on that bloody guzheng.

Again that ugly shriek of a donkey!

Hell! Why couldn't she just play that damn guzheng?! Tears'

Far aside, princess Qiao Tan's sharp gaze was zeroed on her potential wife rival. Her brows were frowned with irritation at that little fat girl who was pretty oblivious to her surrounding.

How come anyone can like her? No beauty, no quality, no power!

"Eh! Why do I feel like someone is cursing me really bad?!", G.Li lifted her head to observe her surrounding and her eyes clashed with the fiece gaze of the princess. She gulped a lump of fear as a shiver went down her spine.

Why is she trying to kill me with her eyes?!

"You..your highness", she stammered the words to Princess Qiao Tan as she peeked her through her lashes.


"Your high.. highness.. this subordinate had something important to discuss with you, if you..you would allow me.."

"Spill!", Gongsun Li almost stumbled from her position at the fiece tone of the princess' voice. She wanted to talk but it seemed like her tongue was frozen inside her mouth.

"Are you going to talk?"


"Talk or else I am going to cut your-

" I want to elope!"


"Princess, I don't want to be here, I don't want to be the official wife. If you want, you can marry the emperor right now and I don't really care. I really hate all this training! Just help me to flee-

A pained whimper suddenly cut off G.Li's babbling and she turned stiff on her position.

Oh god! Oh god, please don't let it be him!

She slowly turned only to come face to face with the pain struck face of her husband. He looked so hurt, so devastated! All the veins of his forehead was popped out as if he was restraining himself from something, and his eyes! Oh his eyes! G.Li had never seen something so dark in her life. She felt like her heart had stopped beating at all.

Oh heavens! What have I done?!

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