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1 year later....

"Cora?" A feminine voice echoed throughout my thoughts.

I looked up, "What's up Katya?" I said with a sigh.

The young woman tossed her short black hair, "Clover says to report to the training arena."

I looked back the curved wood in my hands, I'd hoped to finish carving the bow this afternoon. Apparently this wasn't the case, though, training did prove to be more important. I stood, tucking my knife in its sheath. I placed the unfinished weapon underneath my cot, tracing my fingers over the design once more.

"Do you even have string for that?" Katya asked. It was obvious she was trying to make small talk, and act like training wasn't her favorite activity.

"Yeah, there's some in the armory." I wasn't actually sure, but there had to be old, broken bows in the armory that I could steal the material from.

Katya shrugged, clearly uninterested. She never dabbled in swordplay or ranged weapons, her force could be found in her hands. She certainly took the prize for most scars, if that should even be considered cause for an award. I admired her physical strength, even if it was threatening. Despite the fact that she could be the most annoying human being on the face of the earth, she was a good person and a good fighter.

We made our way across the dimly lit Underground, and over to the training arena. My boots thudded against the rocky ground, the surface was supposed to be uneven, a model of the Outside. It could be intimidating at first to see just how big the Underground was, but I soon got used to it.

I spotted Amelie at the far edge of the arena amongst a small crowd, she played with her hands nervously as she stood. She wasn't dressed in her normal floral attire, rather in a dark jumpsuit. The sight confused me a bit, she wasn't the type to make an appearance in battle training. But, you never know, Clover could've ordered her to come.

As if she could read my thoughts, Clover stepped into the room. She made her way to the center of the arena, tucking her hands into her baggy, camouflage pants. "Welcome, Elites," She addressed the people in the room as she always did. Elites, we were called, because we were the fighters, tasked with protecting the underground.

"Who notices something different today?" Clover boomed.

Katya shot her arm up, "Amelie's being a weirdo!"

"Kat!" Daniel, who stood a few feet away, ran a hand through his curly black hair with a huff, "You're such a child!"

Katya glared at her half-brother, "Ooh, did I hit a nerve?"

"Enough," Clover ordered, clearing her throat, "we are here today to train against a PowerBorn."

See, that made sense. Amelie wasn't part of the Elites, as she didn't like to fight, but she was a Pyrokinetic PowerBorn, and that made her valuable. I was worried, when I first met her, that she was being used as a weapon by the Underground. Just as I had been used by the Icetriane. Amelie had calmed my fears, saying that it wasn't a concern of hers, that Clover respected her decisions.

There weren't many PowerBorns here on the Underground, they were too well respected in the countries to be thrown Outside. There weren't many winged citizens either, which was a relief. I didn't have to be reminded to often...

Clover gestured for Amelie to join her in the middle of the room, "You'll each be using your weapon against her, as if you were in battle with a PowerBorn. Quinn is standing by, in the case of injury." The first person to go up was Cory. The rest of the Elite stood close against the walls of the arena, trying not to get in the training space.

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