Chapter Thirty-One

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Chapter Thirty-One

Weeks passed and Brooke kept having night terrors. She kept dancing and going about her everyday life, like Randy had mentioned. But after the third time of waking up in the middle of the night, screaming, Kelly invested in a counselor. Brooke hated it. She sat in an empty room for an hour every Tuesday and Thursday before dance. Her counselor, Ms. Tracey, would ask her a question and the only answer she’d get was a shrug and a smirk.

Her birthday rolled around, she was fifteen years old. She sat inside her house all day. It was a snowy Sunday, and there wasn’t much to do. She hadn’t gone to school since she moved back home. She was taught at home from eight o’clock until one or two, depending on the day. Nick texted her every few days with a joke or something else funny, and sometimes, he’d send her a smiley face just because he could. Everyone at the dance studio found out what had been going on with her. Everyone started being a little bit nicer to her, especially Abby.

Her birthday was a disaster. She watched the Notebook, the Last Song, and a Walk to Remember over and over again on ABC Family all day. She had steak for dinner and got a new dance outfit, a new Otterbox, a purse, and gift cards to her favorite stores. She got a happy birthday message from Kristen and a tweet from Abby. Nick didn’t say anything to her, and even though they had been broken up for just over a month, it still hurt that he didn’t say anything.

That night, Josh and Paige were on clean up duty. Brooke sat on the couch and watched the tail end of the Last Song for the second time that day. Kelly was balancing the checkbook in the dining room and Randy was probably in the bathroom reading a sports magazine.

“Did the doorbell just ring?” Brooke asked, making sure it wasn’t just her. Her imagination stopped running wild a few weeks back. She actually got good night sleep, but she was terrified that it was going to happen again.

“Yeah,” Kelly nodded. “Could you answer it?”

Brooke nodded and got up off of the couch. She shoved her phone in her back pocket and made her way to the door. She gulped and felt a slight sweat build up in her hands. She took deep breaths, telling herself that it was the neighbors bringing them their messed up mail. Brooke placed her hand on the cold, black doorknob. She twisted it and pulled the door in. She peeked around, and saw a boy. A familiar boy standing, shivering cold because of the snow, holding a limp bouquet of roses and a card that was like an ice block.

“Nick,” Brooke squealed and rapped her arms around his neck, “What are you doing here?”

“I brought you these, but I didn’t have a ride so I walked.” Nick said. “But then it started snowing agains and everything got dead.... Could I come in? It’s r-r-r-ea-a-a-a-lllllllllly coh-old.”

Brooke nodded and turned around, “Mom, Nick’s here. Can he come in?”

Kelly got up and walked to the door, Who’s Nick? She thought. “Oh! This Nick,” Kelly laughed. “Of course he can come in. Let me get you a blanket.”

Kelly whisked away to the laundry room and pulled out a blue, wool blanket. Paige and Josh giggled and looked at Brooke, hoping that Nick was there to proclaim his love for her and then they’d fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after; and somewhere, deep, deep, deep down inside, Brooke hoped so too.

“So,” Brooke said. “Let’s go to my room…”

Nick nodded and waved to Randy who was then sitting on the couch. Paige gave Brooke a look, and Brooke winked at her sister. Just seconds later, the two were sitting on Brooke’s bed. Brooke smiled and held Nick’s toes. Nick giggled and looked into Brooke’s blue eyes.

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