Part 7

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3rd POV
"So that went well" Percy said sarcastically.
"Yeah no kidding" Lagan said laughing.
"Alright lets start this so we can get it over with quickly because I'm supposed to meet Death breath for dinner tonight." I sis spooking at Nightwing.
"We can do it in here if you want to have a seat." He said nodding to the couch the Fish Friends were sitting on. I nodded and sat next to them. I took the collar back from Tula who still had it and put it back on.
"There no powers no worries about attacks lets do this shot" Nightwing looked surprised.
"Alright let's start off with who are your parents."
"Mother is Sally Jackson, First step day was Gabriel Ugliono (sorry think I spelt that wrong but we all know it is Smelly Gabe) then my newest Step Father is Paul Bloish (did I spell that right? Eh we all know it is Blowfish anyways)" I rely.
"And you father" Batgirl asks.
"Lost at sea" I say.
"Do you know his name" Robin asked. I looked at him.
"Probably wouldn't be the weirdest thing you have ever heard but maybe with time it will come out till then next question" I say with a pointed look at Nightwing so he knows to keep going.
"Ever been to st. Louis"
"You were accused of blowing it up care to explain"
"Chihuahuas are stupid." He looked at and the Fish Friends not including Kaldur laughed.
"Alright we will come back to that one next where do you go every summer?"
"Okay where"
"Long Island Sound"
"What is the camp called"
"Camp Half-Blood"
"What does Half-Blood mean"
"Long story"
"Okay fine..." but before we could continue Nico popped out of no where causing all the supers minus the Fish Friends to jump up with their weapons.
"Hey Neeks"
"Your late" he replied. Not even looking at the supers with weapons facing him.
"I got kidnapped by Kadur's friends"
"Hey do not say that we asked do not get him mad at me or next thing I'll know is Annabeth will be here killing me."
"Eh it's fine babe" I say giving him a kiss "but for now I have to go" I say taking ten key from Tula and taking the collar off. "We'll have to do this some other time till then bye." I said grabbing Nico's arm and jumping it if there.
3rd POV
"Who was that?" Tim yelled
"He cousin" Garth replied.
"Did she kiss you" Dick asked Kal.
"She sure did because they are dating" Tula said smiling at Kaldur. He glared at her.
"WHO HAVE A GIRLFRIEND" Cassie yelled/asked.

Sorry I have not updated in a while I will try to update more often again. Hope you enjoyed. Bye.

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