twenty one

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•Midoriya Izuku•
It was still 3 months until me and Katsuki get married. But today though, Today we were having a busy day.

Katsuki and I just came back from a long meeting. It was sucessful but the whole  stress about it had drained us. And It didn't  helped that we had a meeting in less than an hour.

I sigh and slump on the chair that was right next to the wall, the wheel of the chair move slightly but stop because of the wall behind it. Katsuki on the other hand sat near me on his own chair. Usually we both have our own offices but since we had a meeting  in less than an hour. I think it was understandable to say that We need to discuss it abit.

"Katsukii I am tiredd" I huff out, pouting softly. He chuckles and with the energy he had he pulls my chair closer to him and kisses me deeply.  I kiss back but pull away softly. "You need some coffee dear?" He asks. I chuckle taking the opportunity to tease him and reply "nope I need you~" .

His face turns red "sh- shut  up" he says and I let out a chuckle and get up from my chair. I grab the armrest of his chair, leaning in and I give him a deep kiss, He kisses me back seeming desperate as if he missed me. I smile into the kiss and and put my knee of the space available and the chair deepening it further. Katsuki had his hand on my back keeping me close.

I pull away and look him in the eye "should we discuss the meeting now boss?" I ask and he looks away kind of annoyed "damn you" he says and I chuckle.

We discuss  the meeting and I look at the timing "alright we have to go Katsuki" I say and get up from my chair only to be yanked by my arm towards him, causing me to fall on his lap. I pout "it would be nice to get there early don't  ya think?" I ask and he just smirks. "Mmmm nope" he says and kisses me once more, It was patient and like he was enjoying himself "mmm" I let out a small noise while kissing and keep kissing him back.

The office was pretty silent aside from the sound of our kisses and the noises that came out from us enjoying it. After a good long kiss he pulls away looking me in the eyes deeply and lovingly. "I love you so much"

"I love you too, Katsuki" I say and smile. I get up from his lap and gather my paper. So does he and we both leave for the meeting.


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Word count: 615

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