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Pov seungmin

" Okay class, quite now " Mr Moon said as he leans on his desk with his right hand slowly waving it towards the door, " this is your now classmate, be nice " he says as he rests his right hand back and sighs as if it was hard job.

The class goes silent, with door slowly opening revealing a short boy with orange hair, with whispers starting, the boy just simple gave us a confident smiled.

" He looks like a squirrel "

" he so cute "

" do u think he is straight? "

" shut the fuck up Becky, stop being so fucking horny you know what happened when u tried to get with Kim taehyung, bitch got her fucking ass kicked by Kook and bitch that wasn't even the funniest part, it was you crying on y- "

Jeno hushes his best friend, Haechan, Signalling for to shut up, it didn't go well,
" bitch who the fuck do I think u to hush me b-"

Mr moon stood up rising his voice, " who the fuck swore? " , he eyed the class as it stopped whispering, moving his eye to the boy, " well go on then, introduce yourself " he says as he lazily goes back to his desk shutting his eye for a short minute.

The younger boy giggled, " hi my name is Han Jisung, I hope we can be friends!!! "


I swear I've heard the word ' Han ' befor-

"you can be desk mates with seungmin, jisung , I am sure he will show u around scho-" the teacher says getting rudely interrupted by a soul person called Jeongin,"actually sir Seungmin has plans with me all day,
everyday"He says as he nibbles his middle figure near jisungs Direction giving the teacher a simple smirk.

The teacher smirks.

2 hours later

" I can't believe I got a whole week Detention" slowly pointing the table filled with popular people, in which Jisung is sat in " for that!! " IN screams as he eats his Nutella sandwich, rolling his eyes to me.

Bitch that is you fault I thought as I roll my eyes after him, " well bitch I have to go " standing up getting ready to go.

The Nutella suddenly drops out of the younger boys mouth, feeling shocked, " bitch don't leave m-"

" bye bitch "

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