you fall asleep on her

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After a long day there's nothing better than being able to curl up on the couch with your girlfriend.

You had your head on her chest, your ear right over her heart allowing you to hear the soothing sound of her heartbeat right in your ear. She'd rub your back as the movie quietly played on tv, turned down a few notches lower than it would usually be considering Ashley could tell you're exhausted.

Though you tried to hide it and play it off like you were fine, she knows you like the back of her hand and she knew right when you got home today that you were worn out. "I know you're tired. Why don't you go to sleep?" You shook your head, but you had to blink slowly in order to keep yourself from falling asleep.

"No. I wanna stay awake with you." Ashley nodded her head but started to run her fingers through your hair, something she knows helps you relax and sometimes will even help you to fall asleep. "Stop, Ash. I wanna stay awake, with you." She shook her head and dropped a kiss to your shoulder. "No, baby. You're tired. Come on, my love. Get some sleep."

You didn't want to. You wanted to stay awake and watch movies with her. You wanted her to just hold you close all night long, but with her fingers in your hair and her lips on your shoulder and cheeks, it was nearly impossible not to become so relaxed that you'd fall asleep. "I love you" you mumbled as your eyes closed and although you desperately wanted to open them again, you couldn't. You're just too tired and you can't fight it any longer.

"I love you too. Sweet dreams, my sweet girl." You felt her place a few soft kisses to your head and your temple before you fell asleep, wrapped up in her embrace as she rubbed your back and kept you close and safe.

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