Chapter Forty Seven.

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"Holy eyes, I never knew I'd beg down at your feet
Hold on tight, I never knew I'd know much more than this
Open sky, the wave of pain, the scent of you is bliss
Hungry eyes, they stare at me, I know, I know
Don't go."
A/N: I'm sorry I'm a trash panda, I know it's been two weeks, but to make up for it, have a 13k word double update.

I missed you.



I'm so nervous. I've barely been able to eat tonight.

I'm normally so nonchalant about these kind of things, and if anything usually I'm either bored or aroused (and looking to alleviate that) in these scenarios. 

Not tonight though.

This feels like so much more than a date.

I was absolutely shitting bricks all day, as soon as I dropped Drew off at home to get ready. I had that pit in my stomach that she wouldn't answer the door.

It was almost worse when she did answer though, because I'd never felt so insecure.

Would she think I look stupid? Would she guess I spent hours trying to figure out what the fuck to wear? Would she realise how much I cared if I impressed her?

Because she impressed me, fuck that's not even close to describing it. The second my eyes landed on her I wanted to drop to my knees and beg her to cancel the date, throw the night away and throw me on her bed.

I didn't though. No matter how excruciating it was to pull myself off of her against that door, I was determined to give her a good night out. I know she never gets them, and I wasn't going to be selfish and ruin that just because I felt like I may genuinely cry over how sexually frustrated I was.

I swear my balls were as blue as her front door at this point.

I just... I want her to have a good time. Have a good time with me. I'd like to be able to do that for her.

I know I've only seen a fraction of the pain she's in, she showed me that yesterday and I hate that she looked so ashamed of it.

It took everything in me not beat the living shit out of those two pricks yesterday, and god I wish I could have. I wish Alex would've let Frankie go and just let him flog the both of them, he would've done a great job at it. But, I knew Drew needed someone, and I wanted to be that for her. I wanted her to let me.

It seems the only people she's had in her life are assholes who only think about themselves.

You know, it would be really unfortunate coincidence if that Bryce assholes band happened to have their gig he mentioned at a certain bar where I was friends with the bartender.

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