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   "Look at you, Aiden. Looks like you're about to bust all over your chest." Jason had me thoroughly bent, making me thankful that even if I was a basket case sometimes, I was at least flexible. And he didn't even make mention of my shirt that I was still keeping on....

    "And then some." I curled my abdomen back even more and tucked my head in, leaving my mouth open.

   Jason's deliberate thrusts ceased. "God damn, baby. You're gonna give me a heart attack threatening things like that."

   God, the smile on his face...We'd been together two more times in the past week before this, and though we both enjoyed a good romping in the sheets, there were moments like this when our eyes met that I felt something so much more than just his cock inside of me. I felt his energy. I felt his desire. "I don't make idle threats." I reached up with one hand and angled my fingers in his long dangling hair as he began to work himself in and out of me again. I angled my cock, pulling the head towards my mouth and went off like a cannon, hitting the destination of my outstretched tongue once before the rest of my orgasm fell along the fabric covering my torso.

   "Shit, Aiden..." Jason pulled out abruptly. My lower body crashed back to the bed in the same beat that he tossed off the condom and started spilling out his own orgasm all over my body. It felt like a fantasy.

   It wasn't a fantasy. It had happened, and I really needed to stop thinking about it, or even the snack tray wasn't going to be enough to hide my chub.

   "Ok passengers we are ready for descent to Will Rogers airport. Please raise all snack trays, fasten your seatbelts, and remain seated. Thank you." The captains voice was enough to shake me back into reality. I had never been a fan of flying, particularly the landing process, but if the 10-year-old next to me wasn't freaking out about it, surely I could keep it grown-ass-man cool.

   After a hellish deboarding process, I made my way off with luggage in tow and headed up the escalator to the instant embrace of my mother, Angela.

   "Aiden! I'm so glad you're home! You look good!"

   "Hey, Momma. It's nice to see you, and I feel good." A little sore... I smiled at my own inner dialogue.

   "Love looks good on you." She punched my shoulder, having to reach up to do so.

   I wasn't tall by any means: Only 5 foot 8, and that was being generous, but she was only 5'2". That comment about love couldn't have been more well timed as Jason had whispered those three-little-words in my ear before dropping me off at the airport. He'd asked if it felt premature after only 3 weeks but honestly...I'd fallen for him long before hand.

   "Let's go get some lunch and you can tell me all about this Jason." And in the way she had always commanded a room, she was practically dragging my 34 year old ass through the airport.

   We took a seat in a corner booth too big for a party of two at the busy Airport Chili's. I reached for my phone and dialed up my gallery. "So, this is Jason."

   My mom smiled as if I had clearly read her mind, then yanked the phone from me so she could examine every detail of the photo. "Wow he is handsome! Does he have a single uncle?" She teased.

   I blushed. My mom was a lot to handle if you hadn't already gathered. I suppose that;s where I got the part of me that only seems to truly come out around Jason these days. "I'll ask him when I get back home, Ok?" I was in a good mood; A damn good mood; So, I played along. Besides, it clearly made her happy to see me happy in the way only a mother would.

   After sharing an appetizer, the words that I knew were coming, yet weren't exactly ready for, came from her mouth. "So, does he know what happened?"

   My chin instantly found my collar bone magnetic. "N-not exactly. I don't want him to see me as someone who needs to be coddled, mom."

   "Do you really think he'd see you as that?" She stirred a lemon wedge into her iced tea as if this wasn't some heavy conversation.

   I wish I had inherited her emotional iron chin. "Probably not. It's all in my head, I know, Mom. I just can't seem to tell anyone. It isn't really anyone's business." It hurt me to get so bitter so fast, but it wasn't uncommon when I was pressed on why I wasn't honest with people about this. It was something I feared would happen if Jason asked questions, and I couldn't bear becoming that person in front of him. It was half the reason I was back here, even if it was lucky timing.

   "Aiden." My mother reached out and put her hand on mine. "Did he say something about the scars? Surely, he's asked. I'm not going to pretend my son isn't having sex."

   Of all the places to be having this conversation, a restaurant was not my first choice. But my mother had never been one to waste time. It was part of what made her so successful in the corporate world. "No. Well, I told him I was in an accident but...aside from a quick glance once...I keep my shirt on."

   Her eyebrows rose. "He doesn't mind?"

   "No. I sort of froze up the first time, and he knows there's things I need to work through emotionally. He supports me, Mom. In a way I never knew possible." I was no longer hungry when my entrée arrived, but I took a bite just to do something with my shaking hands.

   "I like him already, Aiden, but you can't build that sort of trust on a lie."

   My moms' words hit me like a ton of bricks. He had given me trust even though I'd given him a lie. I feared telling him more now and couldn't even think of where I'd even begin. Suddenly I was quite thrilled to be seeing the therapist later this afternoon. I really needed to talk to someone not emotionally invested in this. "I know. I hope you don't mind but...I snagged an appointment with Dr. Rita at 4 today. I'll need a ride. Then the rest of the trip, I'm yours."

   I watched her small frame sink back into the booth. "Of course, baby. I'm sorry. I didn't realize it'd get that deep." She suddenly seemed aware of our surroundings again.

   "It's ok. At least it's out of the way, right?" I forced on a smile to keep from crying.

   "Yea, Aiden." My mom took a drink of her beverage, clearly choking back her own emotion. "It is. I'm so glad you're here."

   Now my smile was genuine. "Me too, Momma. Me too."

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