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   The sun was well up over the horizon by the time either of us moved. I awoke just as I'd fallen asleep; My head nestled in the crook of Jason's arm and Shoulder, one arm down between us, and the other wrapped around his middle. My fingers danced along the cut muscles beneath the thin under shirt. I could see the valleys of his hip bones at the end of his torso and in that moment, all I could think about was running my tongue along them.

   Just as I lazily explored his body, Jason was exploring mine, taking extra care not to dishevel my shirt. "Good morning, Boyfriend of mine."

   I wasn't sure what felt better; him rolling his palm over my thigh and urging my leg up over his, or the way he wasn't pushing to see what I wasn't sure how to show and explain. "Mmm good morning indeed." I rolled my head off the pillow and observed his long messy hair was sprawled along his shoulders. He looked stunning. More stunning was the way he was looking at me as if he was thinking the same thing about me.

   "You're beautiful, Aiden. I hope you don't take that the wrong way." Jason trickled his hand gently up my side, over my covered scars and ran it into my hair, massaging my scalp.

   That was quickly becoming one of my favorite feelings. His hands were so strong yet gentle and soft all at once, and he had just the right pressure to his touch that made me purr. "Hate to break it to you like this babe, but I'm currently wearing seamless underwear that may or may not be from the women's department. You're not threatening my masculinity."

   "You make it really hard to behave, telling me things like that, baby." Jason's voice changed in tone. It was a bit deeper. A bit breathier.

   I slid my head close enough for our lips to almost touch. "Why are we trying to behave again?" I didn't give him time to answer. In a swift move I ramped my body up on top of his and kissed Jason fiercely and freely. To my delight, his strong, warm hands slid down my obliques and palmed my ass as if out of instinct. I liked instincts like that.

   "Fuck, Aiden. You look so good like this."

   "I want you, Jason. I really do." Unashamed, I punched in the admission with the roll of my hips.

   "But..." Jason carefully worked a hand between us and touched the collar of my shirt.

   I knew exactly what that meant. "If you don't mind me leaving it on...I'll make it up to you." I was batting my eyes in a way I hadn't in years.

   Jason pushed his waist up into mine, daggering that long, thick, sheltered cock against my muscles. "There's nothing to make up. I just...." His hand was back to smoothing my hair off my face, eyes sparkling and fully awake. "...don't want you to feel any pressure."

    I tried to stifle my chuckle, but I couldn't. "Who's on top of who right now, handsome?"

   Relief flooded me as a mischievous smile tugged Jason's beautiful mouth upward. "I could change that pretty easily, you sexy little thing you." His hands were back to palming my ass, kneading the muscles and making my breath grow short.

   "That'd make it just a little harder for me to suck your cock, babe. I'm dying from curiosity alone." That was the truth. Just the outline of it against his jeans the last time filled me with this pleasant nervousness.

   Jason let go of my ass and folded his arms between his messy hair and the pillow. "Then by all means, baby. Explore away."

   I had the green light and I wasn't going to give him or I another second to rethink it. I shoved my body down his, kissing his abdomen as I pressed his shirt up, then worked his boxers the opposite direction. Jason's cock sprung out and for just a second, I took it in with eyes only. It was thick. Three fingers wide at the base and easily nine inches long. And the veins...god, the rigid veins. My hole started to contract at just the thought of those working along my prostate. "You want me to suck your big cock, baby?"

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