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~ Part 2 | Section 10 ~

It was dark out as we stood on the red bridge. The reflection of the moonlight shined into the water beneath us. I just threw pebbles into the lake to watch it ripple as I waited for Juwany to say something.

He just watched me.

"Just a little while ago, you called me your boyfriend." I turned to him. I expected a smile but it was the exact opposite. "But I know that that isn't what I am to you. Your heart is clearly with someone else."

I just stared at him as a tear slipped down his cheek.

"Milo, I think you have the potential to be a really good lover one day. I know you will be. Deep down you're sweet, caring and would do anything just to make the person you love happy. Many might not see it but I do. You're broken and I wish I had the strength to fix you but I can't excuse the fact that you used me to get at your dad...that you used me to get at Gael. That you not once cared about my feelings. Which is fucked up because I have done nothing to you to deserve this. I genuinely do like you but maybe we're just not meant to be and I have to accept that."

I hugged him.

"I'm sorry."

That was all I could say. When I knew, deep down that he deserved so much more.


I decided to bike around the town that night just to take in the fresh air. Taking that time to myself, after everything happened, really gave me time to think and really evaluate some of the choices I have made.

All the selfish choices, all the choices I made out of simple irritation and even the ones out of sadness. They were wrong. I was wrong.

I sat at the beach, the one I came to with my mother and just stared at the sky. I was crying and in the midst of it all, a butterfly landed on my finger.

I didn't get back home til 1 a.m.

Everyone was sleep...so I thought. As I sat in my dark room and just stared at the silhouette of my television. I heard a knock and then slowly, my door creaked open.

It was Gael.

He gently closed the door behind him and walked to my window to let in some light. The moonlight wasn't much but it was enough. I just watched him as he sat at the end of my bed.

"Gael," I said.

"Milo," he said in an almost whisper. He moved his hand to my leg and held it.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"Your father was really upset today."

I sighed. "I don't care."

"He cried, Milo and we both know that your father is the last person on Earth to cry. Well, next to you that is."

I rolled my eyes and chuckled a bit.

"Do you want to know why he was crying?" I looked away and at that moment, Gael moved closer to me. He was at my hip. "He cried because he did not like how he handled that situation. He cried because he actually wants a good relationship with you Milo but he knew and we all knew that you were just doing things out of spite so could you blame him for being upset?"

I didn't say anything for a moment and then I looked at him. "Were you upset?" I asked.

"This isn't about me."

I decided to lie down and turn away from him. I didn't move a muscle until he finally took the hint and left.


He had a routine that I noticed in a week. He would wake up, shower, go out with my father after breakfast and then come back home. When he was home, he went out back to play a few tunes and if Ally came, he would hang with her. When night rolled around, I would notice his lamp light would click on for some reading and after that, he slept.

Then it repeated.

Meanwhile, Cindy was coming over a lot after the game night and it was mainly to hang out with Aaliyah. They were usually in the backyard, in the hammock or just sitting on the grass. I joined them. I would sit between Cindy's legs just so she could gently pet my hair as we would begin to talk about random things.

That was also a routine, for that week.

The second week things changed. Cindy, Aaliyah and I would go out for lunch together, maybe go out for a swim if I didn't have work or we would just swing at the park.

I seen Juwany at the park we swung at one day. He had a new guy. The guy was cute, he kind of looked like me. His skin was a bit darker and he was also a few inches taller than me but the short haircut and the way he carried himself reminded me of me.

I just watched the two and soon, Juwany looked at me and walked passed me like he didn't know who I was.

It was at that moment when I knew that I was someone's Gai, someone's Gael. It didn't sit well with me.

I would've apologized then but it just didn't seem like the right time.


When I would come home, I would notice Gael alone and not with Ally. It made me wonder if they broke up or not? If so, I knew that Gai was the one to ruin it.

When there were four more days left in the week, Gael was nowhere to be seen. I pretended not to notice but on the third day, I decided to ask Aaliyah.

I peaked my head in her room that Monday afternoon and asked her, "Where's Gael?"

She looked up from Cindy's hair, who she was braiding. "So now you care?"

I rolled my eyes. "I don't. I just want to make sure he's gone for good."

Aaliyah shrugged. "I honestly don't know. You should ask dad. I'm sure he knows."

"I would rather die than ask him."

"Well, I guess you won't get your answer."


I closed the door behind me and made my way to my room. Before I could open it, I heard his door creak. I turned around but it wasn't him.

I decided to walk to his room and take a step inside. It was very warm and I started sweating immediately. I noticed that his guitar was gone and a few books were taken as well. I checked the drawer and his clothes were still there but you can tell some were missing.

There was a shirt on his bed. A simple t-shirt that he wore around the house that I picked up to smell.

It hadn't been washed. It smelled like him. The smell was still fresh.

I dropped the shirt when I heard someone coming up the stairs. I quickly made my way out of his room and when I came out, I saw my father. He didn't see me though.

For a moment, I was going to approach him to ask him about Gael but it wasn't worth it. It was none of my business.

He was better off gone anyway.

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