Chapter 58

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We walked into my apartment and to my shock, everything looked normal as if i had never left here. Jace was walking around the table, sliding his finger on the table to see if there was any dust on it but to his surprise there wasn't.

"Someone has been here." Jace said and now he took his seraph blade out too. I frowned and looked around.

"It looks so clean as if someone else is living here." I said and Jace nodded.

"It is definitely not a demon because they love it when it is dirty." Jace said and I just nodded in agreement.

"Who could it be?" I asked and Jace shrugged.

"It could be anyone." He said. "It could be someone who works for Agramon."

I sighed and heard jangling keys. I widened my eyes and so did Jace.

"Glamour rune!" He whispered loudly and I saw him tracing his rune. I didn't even drawn this rune yet, let alone tracing it already. It was way too late, I heard foot steps walking in and besides that, I heard a dog bark.

"Chesty what is it?" I heard a female voice ask. I closed my eyes as if it would hide me but I knew it wasn't.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I heard the same female voice ask. I looked upon the woman or girl who was about the same age as me. She had blood long hair, like the princesses in the Disney movies.

"I euhm..." I mumbled.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my house?" She asked and I awkwardly stood there as I saw Jace walking just behind her. He smiled and I knew he wanted to laugh.

What did I say again? That my brother Jace was my guardian angel. I take it all back.

"I am Clary. I used to live her... I thought euhm... I was looking for something I left behind here." I said and the girl look at me in confusion.

"Clary Fray?" She asked and I nodded.

"Oh, I am sorry. I am Ava." She said. Her dog, chesty was running around Jace. It was as if the dog could sense or see Jace. I saw Jace giving the dog dirty looks but it wouldn't really work.

"So what did you leave behind?" Ava asked and I looked from Jace to Ava again.

"I don't know." I said and I saw the confused expression of Ava. I blinked a few times and laughed nervously.

"I-I mean I do but I don't know where it is." I said quickly and I saw her nodding as if she understood what I said.

"I guess, keep looking. It is not a massive apartment but can I get you something?" She asked politely and I shook my head with a warming smile.

"Thank you but I am good to go." I said and walked towards my room, Ava's room to be exact.

"That dog is terrifying." Jace said and I chuckled.

"Of course, no demon or greater demon terrifies you but a dog does?" I asked confused.

"And a duck." Jace answered and I laughed. I looked around in the room.

"For what are we exactly looking?" I asked and Jace's eyes were scanning throughout the room.

"Anything that raises an alarm." He said.

"Do you always talk to yourself or do you have an imaginary friend?" I heard Ava ask. I turned myself around and saw Ava standing in the door opening of the room.

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