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   The next date turned into another, then plans for another all within a week. With every passing moment I was falling harder for Jason and the way he wasn't afraid to be a gentleman just because I'm also a man. He'd open doors and pull out chairs. Hell, if it rained, I bet he'd produce an umbrella and lay his coat over a puddle for me. While all of that was great, it was the fact that he didn't mind me falling into the more feminine role of our relationship that meant most to me. We just seemed to fit together like two puzzle pieces.

   It was Saturday evening, and for the first time I was meeting Jason at his place. It was a cute house; Not too big or too small with a well-kept front deck that wrapped around the left side. The whole set up was very homey. It was obvious Jason took pride in it. It was also obvious that even though it was no mansion, Jason makes good money. And why wouldn't he? I had done a little research and he was a very highly regarded veterinarian who specialized in bully breeds, which made sense because he owned two bulldogs I couldn't wait to meet.

   Upon opening the door, I heard the pitter patter of 8 paws jetting down the dark hardwood floors behind Jason who stood at the door.

   "Woo woo there boy's. Let him in." Jason put his hand up and both dogs halted. "Hey, sweet thing."

   I leaned into Jason's 'hello kiss'. "You guys must be Bowser and Drogon." I bent down and offered up my hand that was instantly met by two wet noses. Gosh they were adorable. Bowser an Olde English who was mainly white with brown patches, and Drogon a traditional English bulldog who was black with white and brown on his tail and chest. I stood up and observed Jasons living room. Dark grey furniture, a navy-blue accent wall with white trim splitting it in half. It was more modern and less colorful than my place. I dug that. Who wants to date themselves anyway?

   "So, as you can see, I'm a nerd." Jason showed off the floating shelves above his mounted TV that homed a plethora of Game of Thrones Pop funkos.

   I smiled as I read them over. "No way! You have Eddard!"

   A new type of excited smile curled Jason's lips. "You watch Game of Thrones?"

   I kept browsing the names. "I do! I'm sorry, I thought I told you when you mentioned you had a dog named Drogon."

   We both laughed.

   "So, what do you want to do tonight. I know you said we'd kind of wing it." Jason scooted himself between the two big pups and grabbed them a treat for behaving.

   To be honest, I was tired. I'm wasn't exactly used to going out so often, but Jason made me feel so alive. A way I only dreamed I'd ever feel again when I laid in that hospital bed with broken ribs and bandages from the neck down. "I'm not a very exciting and sociable guy, so I'll leave the adventure planning up to you, handsome."

   Jason stood with his hand on his chin. His hair hung straight down behind the shoulders of a crimson red V-neck shirt with a for show pocket sown on the left side. It went perfect with his black jeans. "We could just order a pizza and hang out here if you don't mind a few pairs of eyes peeking in. The dogs are getting angry with my absence anyway. It's up to you."

   "That actually sounds perfect. And I'd love to get to know your little family more." I took a seat on the sofa and found it to be quite comfortable. Much more than mine honestly. I was going to have to find out where he got it and if they had it in a color that didn't clash with my living room.

   "What do you like on your pizza, babe? Please don't say pineapple." Jason laughed nervously.

   I loved how he did that. He'd put himself out there but then soften the edges. "No pineapple or anchovies. Other than that, whatever you want is fine with me, babe." I put a little emphasis on the pet name because it was the first time we'd called each other that. It felt nice to be that comfortable with someone, short time or not.

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