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    I backed my truck into a spot in furthest row of the Antonio's parking lot and awaited Jason's arrival. For a Monday, the place was absolutely packed. Then again, it's in a prime location downtown and just a few blocks off I-4. Jason hadn't told me what kind of car he drove, yet somehow, I knew that deep navy-blue Impala with the matching Tampa Bay Lightning decals on the back window was him. Maybe it was the way the air suddenly changed in the cab of my truck? Maybe it was the fact that I had pegged him for a hockey fan? The sleek sexy car passed and took a spot a few spots down after another car had left.

   One last look in the rearview mirror to assure my hair looked ok, and I stepped out, adjusting the bottom of my navy-blue polo along the waist of my khaki slacks. Jason looked as if he was just going to text me his arrival when I flagged him down. I've gotta admit, he looked damn good at the club, but the sight coming towards me blew that away. His long hair untied and swaying on his shoulders. A light grey henley with the top two buttons undone showing just the faintest line of thin chest hair, and dark washed jeans over grey work boots. If sex could personify itself, I imagine it'd look something like this.

   "Hey, sweet thing." Jason's warm greeting was as perfect as he looked.

   "Hey handsome. I'm sorry but I've gotta say it. You look incredible." I wanted to punch myself for being so frank.

   Jason smiled wide. All perfect teeth and genuine pride. "So do you, Aiden. And, man does that food smell incredible."

   He was right. Even a good ten car lengths back the fragrances of the restaurant were enticing. "It sure does! I've been looking forward to this, Jason."

   Jason reached out and took my hand. "So have I. Come one, let's get our grub on."

   Somewhat surprisingly, Jason kept my fingers laced with his as we began to head towards the front doors.

   "If it's too much, you can let go and I won't be upset." Jason's perfectly trimmed beard scraped over my ear as he leaned in.

   He smelled so good; Not like cologne, but maybe a little body wash. "It's perfect" I said, wrapping my hand around his tighter. It amazed me how he could do this; Be so confident, yet not cocky or intimidating.

   Perhaps more shocking than how good it could feel just to hold someone's hand was not having to wait for a table in the buzzing Italian eatery. Being ever so graceful, I slid into the booth and promptly stepped on Jason's foot as I worked my way towards the center. I was almost too embarrassed to apologize when I looked up and caught him giggling. "Guess now's a good a time as any to find out that I'm a clutz." I shrugged my shoulders with a shy smile.

   Jason reached for the basket of bread in the middle of the table and took a pipping hot roll. "It's ok. I'm used to it wearing a size 14 and all."

   That got my attention. I could feel my brows lift and pull the comment from my lips I had tried to smother. "So...is it true what they say about big feet on a man then?" There was no doubt I was blushing, and so was he.

   Leaning in a little, he spoke softly. "Wouldn't you like to know, sweet thing?"

   I was sweating at this point. A polo was a terrible idea. If it weren't illegal, I just might crawl under the table and end the suspense. "I do. Eventually, of course."

   Jason's eyes sparkled so much when he smiled. "Yes, of course. No need to rush. I don't even know your favorite color yet."

   "It's emerald Green." I responded.

   "Scarlett red." He replied. And just like that, we were falling into a natural, easy flowing conversation.

   My stomach was nearly ready to burst from all the carbs I'd just loaded into it, but one doesn't simply stop eating until the pasta and bread are all gone at Antonio's. "I'm having a really great time, Jason." I said as the waiter walked off with our plates.

   Jason reached across the table and held my hands in his. "Me too, Aiden. It's been so long since I've truly connected with anyone."

   "I find that hard to believe" I shot back with a chuckle accompanied by a wink.

   Shaking his head smiling, Jason gripped me tighter. "I've been a little shaken up since my last relationship a few years back. Besides, the only people that hit on me are women. Well, and the odd unfixed dog."

   There it was; That genuine, deep laugh I wasn't sure I'd ever find again. I simply couldn't control it around Jason. "You're the kind of sexy most could find themselves intimidated by."

   "Ha! You didn't know me in college!" Jason pulled a hand free and dug out his phone. "Seriously, I just found this picture the other day on Myspace and I might have to burn the internet down."

   I leaned in to look at the picture. I really should get fitted for glasses but being closer to him didn't feel wrong. There he was in all his bearded glory. A little scrawny compared to his present physique and...was that blonde in his hair? Yea it was! Only in half! "O my gosh you almost look as silly as I do in my postal uniform."

   Putting the phone away he came back with his wallet and pressed his card into the bill before I even had a chance to think about it. "I bet you look sexy AF in that uniform. That's how the kids say it these days right?"

   I couldn't stop laughing with this man. "I think so. And I look like a 70's porn star without the sweet stash in that God-awful thing."

   Jason stood up and reached for my hand and I quickly made my landing. The walk out was silent, but not awkward blankness. It was comfortable. So comfortable. Just walking and enjoying the way our pulses started to try and sync.

   "Can we do this again soon?" Jason stopped just before the row of cars where we'd parked.

   Not letting go of his hand, I moved a little further into his space. "I was really hoping you'd say that. I was afraid you wouldn't find me so handsome in the light of day."

   Reaching out, he tugged my waist gently. "You're even more so, Aiden." This time he didn't ask. He simply took my lips with fervor and wrapped his arms tightly around me until our torsos connected.

   My hands instinctively burrowed in his hair. It was soft and surprisingly thick. I wondered what the hair of his chest would feel like under my hands. Under my lips. O god, I had to stop before I popped the already taxed button of my khakis clean off.

   "S-sorry." Jason said shyly as he caught his breath. "Just needed something to hold me over until I see you again."

   He wasn't going to ask me back to his place again, and honestly it was a relief. I still had some time to find my balls. Ok, that was a poor choice of words. I could so feel my fucking balls right then. Regardless, I needed to find some courage to let myself be intimate, knowing damn well I was going to fall more head over heels with him. Trust him with just not my body but my heart. "Don't be, handsome. Text me when you get in safe."

   Jason smiled, reluctantly letting my hand go. "I will, sweet thing. Then we can plan our next date."

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