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   Thumbing away the sweat from my brow, I maneuvered the stairs from the electronic/pop party on the first floor up to the second level country theme. While I don't have anything against the music, men in cowboy hats and big belt buckles just aren't my thing. I hope door number three has something for me, or I just wasted a rare energetic streak. As I pressed the handle of the black entrance door, I immediately noticed this room was far darker than the two before. The loud thumping of bass subwoofers was replaced by a live band playing what I came to recognize as a cover of "Pumped up kicks" by Foster the People. There was less bumping and grinding going on, and more intimate mingling. I felt far more comfortable than the first two floors, so I released the tension in my shoulders and started to do, well, whatever single people do, I guess.

   It wasn't long before that comfort started to fade as I realized that while there were many attractive fellas in this room, they were all a little wet behind the ears if you know what I mean. I guess I should've known better being just outside the campus of Central Florida University, but part of me had hoped with it being a well-known club that there'd be more of a mix. Well we already climbed our ass up here, might as well have a drink. I stepped up to the bar where a bartender named Spencer was quick to greet me.

   "What can I get you, hun?" Spencer was what the cool kids call flamboyant. Dark eye liner circled his hazel eyes that fit well with his shoulder length braided black hair. He looked to be a tinge of Native-American, which made me think he had taken the name Spencer to stop patrons from finding him on the socials. If I was into more feminine men, I could totally see why, but I'm all the fem I need in one relationship.

I browsed the "On tap" menu in front of me. "A tall Guinness, please." I said, handing over my card to Spencer who nodded and wiggled his cute little ass down towards the taps. Geesh you really are hard-up huh Aiden? I shook my head at myself and forced my attention elsewhere. That's when I heard him. Him being a tall drink of water who had just moseyed up to the bar a few stools from me looking sexier than sin itself.

   "Nice choice!" The tall, dark in all the right ways stranger complimented my drink choice as I took the first satisfying sip. He wore dark faded jeans, a form fitting plain black tee under a thin leather-like jacket that signified he either wasn't from around here or was sensitive to AC like myself. His bearded jawline was strong and lean leading up to long dark brown hair he currently had pulled back in a loose ponytail.

   "Thanks!" It was all I could think of to say looking at that soft, kind smile. He wasn't shy like me. That I could already tell. Why would he be? God, look at him, Aiden!

   With impeccable posture he reached forward to grab his own pint of Guinness and shot me a nod. "You strike out too?"

   That caught me off guard and made me laugh, instantly breaking the ice. "Yea it appears the field is about...ooo ten years too young for me."

   The stranger laughed back. A slightly nasally laugh but still very attractive. Someone had obviously broken his nose, but it didn't take anything away from that handsome face. "Yea, man I feel it. Only make it about fifteen years for me. If my buddy didn't manage here, I might feel like a creeper." He giggled softly.

   If that were true that'd make him what? Almost Forty? No freaking way. "Now that I don't believe."

   That soft smile tugged wider as we mutually closed the space between us. "Are you gonna ID me? Because I haven't been carded proper in ten years."

   A knock out, not twenty, and a sense of humor? My body reacted a little more as he drew closer. And be reacted I mean I was totally getting a stiffy that took triumphant focus to force into retreat. "I've got a better idea. On three we say our age and get it over with."

   That jaw line bobbed up and down in agreement and it took all I had not to think of it bobbing up and down my cock. "Ok. One. Two. Three. Thirty-nine!"

   "Thirty-four" I replied at the same time before we bought broke into laughter. Gosh, when was the last time I truly laughed with someone?

   "I'm Jason." My new-found companion was reaching his large tan hand out towards me.

   I gladly took it in mine for a friendly, firm handshake. "Nice to meet you, Jason. I'm Aiden."

   Jason scooped up his pint from the bars surface. "Well, Aiden, I see an open table over there. What do you say we enjoy a brew and get to know a little more about one another?"

   I had to hide the shock in my response as I winked. "Yea, that looks like a good place for a couple of old men to sit and talk about the weather."

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