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•Izuku Midoriya pov•
I wake up, my hair a mess I don't  even know when I fell asleep at night. My head was hurting so badly so were my eyes. God what.. the curtains of the room were already open. I look beside me and Katsuki was already up. I let out a shaky was the day..when we separate.

I get to the bathroom and take a shower. My head hurted so badly I felt like I couldn't  stand straight. Katsuki..did he just fell out of love with me? What happened..when did it all go wrong.. Tear make their way out but never roll down my cheek.

I dress up somewhat representable and dry my hair with the towel and see Katsuki making some waffles. "Good morning love" he says and smiles. Why is he being kind to me?

A whimper leaves my mouth and tears finally leave my eyes. Katsuki widens his eyes and gets close to comfort me but I push him away pretty hard and run upstairs getting in my room and locking it. I couldn't  face him. I couldn't  look him in the eyes. I couldn't take this as my last day with him.

I start to scream out the tears I was letting out silently. I breakdown on the floor and Katsuki starts to bang on the door telling me to open up. I gripped my shirt where my heart was and I felt so pained and like my soul was being ripped.

The banging got louder until I hear Katsuki's desperate and shaky voice "Izuku please come out, talk to me. I can't  hear you being like this" He says and I just nod my head no. "YOU HURT ME KATSUKI..WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS NOW?" I yell out and there was silence, pure silence. I start to cry again.

I knew it..

•Bakugo Katsuki pov•

I got silent..what does she mean by that? Does she mean the engagment? Did she heard it somehow and just hated the idea that much? No- that makes no sense she could've  easily declined.

That's  it.

I start to hit my body against the door and bust it open. I look at Izuku who was on the floor shocked with her eyes open, they were filled with tears. I get on the floor near her and she kept backing away until her back hit the wall. "Izuku talk to me baby" I say softly sick with worry.

"I heard you-u talk to her" she says and I make a clueless face. Her..what?

"You told her all about how you were going to leave me..she must be really happy right Katsuki? Whoever that Bitch is" Izuku says harshly..Izuku has never cursed so hearing her curse..She must be really hurt.

"At what time did you exactly hear me talk to..this her?" I ask.

"1 am" she says and I widen my eyes taking out my phone from my pocket.

"Good think I am always recording my calls because of business purposes.." I says and plays the call

•Midoriya Izuku pov•

There was a ringing sound and then the phone got answered.

"Hey Bakubro" Kirishima says.

"Yo shit hair" Katsuki replies

"What's up?" Kirishima says.

"Okay I need your advice real quick, Izuku is sleeping right now I don't  want to leave her alone for too long so..I have been waiting to propose her..I already have the ring..I just don't  know when to ask her and what place to choose" Katsuki says.

"Mhm" Kirishima replies.

"You know I am planning on leaving her-" Katsuki gets cuts by Kirishima

"Speechless?" Kirishima says

"EXACTLY you get it so good..Yea so I think the hicking spot will be good. " Katsuki says

Yet again my tears begin to flow of relief. It was like if someone  mended my soul.

"Well it is special to both of you" Kirishima says.

"Yup, I think next week would be amazing" Katsuki says.

"Go for it bro I am cheering for you" Kirishima says.

"Thanks man"

The call ended.

I stayed in my spot speechless. "Feeling better?" Katsuki says. "I wasn't  planning on telling you like this but I couldn't  hear you be in so much pain it was killing me" Katsuki says and hugs me.

I hug back and let out a deep breath "I am sorry Katsuki..for doubting you" I say and He nods a no and hugs me really really tightly "I wouldn't  know what to do if I heard you say that you'd  leave me so I don't  blame you at all Izuku" He says.

"I was so hurt and scared just the thought of you leaving me was killing me Katsuki" I say gripping his shirt tightly. "I am so so sorry Izuku" he says and I nod a no "you don't  know  how happy I am.. so relieved and I can't  believe you want to marry me" I say and he smiles. "Next week then huh?" He says and I chuckle and nod.

The next week we both dressed up.  And have breakfast together. We decided to keep what happened between  us a secret. Katsuki never showed me the ring and I never asked. We asked some of our close friends  to come.

Everyone came over, It was mainly Todoroki and Mina, Jiro and Kaminari, Kirishima and Mina , sero and Toru, Iida and Uraraka.

They all were so ready. Once we get to the spot, everyone takes out thier phones and cameras to take picture of the "view"

Katsuki got on his knee and took out a velvety box that was well decorated. I let out a gasp honestly weirdly feeling excited even though I was aware of everything. "Izuku Midoriya, Will you marry me?" He asks and I reply immediately "yes!" I say and  he opens the box revealing a beautiful  ring which had a diamond in the middle. He gets up from his knee and put it on my finger.

I smile happily with my eyes slightly teared up and he kisses me deeply and I kiss back just as deeply. I felt so so happy. My life was complete. I couldn't  describe how I felt.  Everyone around  us was cheering.

It was perfect.

Kacchan and Me were in a long hug and get congratulated by everyone and just smile feeling peaceful.


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