Chapter 1: Before It All Started

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Kaliyah P.O.V.(At this time she was 15)

October 5,2004

my first day of high-school, freshman year. I was one of the baddest and most wanted by guys girl in middle school and I plan on it staying that way. I am now attending Crenshaw High-School with my best friends, Arianna,Nicole and Layliah.

I stretched outta bed and put on my Domo slippers and. walked to the bathroom down the hall that I share with my older Brother Kolby. He's 18 and still lives here, like how pathetic can you be. I opened the bathroom door used the bathroom and began brushing my teeth. Then I took my shower and put on - a black romper with gold going down both sides,some gold sandals and my hair was straightened with a braid going all the way around. I walked out the bathroom and saw my brother

Me- good morning *I rolled my eyes be cause I see his skanky girlfriend Bianca behind him walking down stairs *

Bianca -good morning little slut *rolls eyes*

Me- good morning little gold digging dick sucking bitch *smiles and walks downstatirs like a boss *

Nicole P. O. V

I woke up to a loud beeping alarm clock and slaped the off button and drug myself to my bathroom. I looked in the mirror and hated what I saw. I sighed and used the bathroom, before I could even begin to brush my teeth my little sister Heaven rushed into my room asking for breakfast. This meant my mom and dad we're gone once again. Looks like imma be late for school.

Layliah P.O. V

I woke up to my 5 month old baby boy crying and his father Chresanto nowhere to be found. He always does this to me we break up then we make up and he does it again. I live with my grandparents, my parents kicked me out when they found out I was with child. Do I miss them? Hell yea they're my parents but it does hurt to think they would leave me behind for such a simple yet life changing mistake. I stepped outta bed and put my glasses on and walked over to my son's crib and took him out. On my dresser was a note from Chresanto saying

Good Morning baby ,ik you probably needed help with my son but I had to go home and get clothes I should be back by the time you wake up. I love you.


*the doors bell rings* he's too good to be true. Smh

so how did I do?

Should I continue

Im not gonna ask for anything from you guys only to read the book and Tell ya momma,grandma, Auntie ,cuzzins and ya grandma best friend about my book. Thank u 4 reading.

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