Not again!

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I woke up feeling like complete shit, It was more than just a wild night. We haven't had sex like that in weeks and like a day before that argument, and really I haven't been that sexually frustrated since I was pregnant with Kross. I'm sore, My head spinning just everything.

  I took a shower and brushed my teeth, Didn't even know I had all these missed calls and text from Dr.Eli, I didn't care to respond or read them, A article popped on my phone about my weight gain as if I didn't just have a baby months ago. I payed no mind to it, I locked my phone placing it on the bed going down stairs.

"Where's everyone?"

"You slept all morning, Nae came and got the kids.."

  Samantha, passed me a bottle of water checking me out. "Y'all had a long night?" She laughed putting her hair into a ponytail.

"Girllllllll I feel like shit"

"Look like it as well..."

"Ugh, where's Ermias?"

"I have no clue .. guessing at the store?"

  He never left without waking me up or Atleast texting me. I'm just guessing he's at the store or studio, This wasn't like him but I wasn't going to stress it. I went back up stairs to get my phone because I couldn't ignore it, So I had to call him.

It was a good three rings before he answered. "Yeah Boogie?"

"So this what we doing now?"

"What happened baby?"

"You didn't even tell me you were leaving and didn't call me or anything"

"I gave you a kiss what the fuck are you talking about?"

"Here you go lying nigga you didn't give me shit, Thats your problem you lying about something so little"

"Calm yo ass down, what you doing?"

"About to go to my other nigga house so he could take care of me because Im sick"

"Aye stop playing with me, I'll kill you.. you really playing wit me like I won't hurt you cuz"

"I don't feel good daddy"

"You think you're pregnant?"


"You fertile as fuck Im just asking"

"That's not how pregnancy works! We had sex lastnight"

"And like four weeks ago don't play with me like Im dumb ain't thats like a month ago? I know for a fact I nutted in you then"

"See this is why I'm going on birth control you a weirdo, If I said I didn't want another baby why are you trying to force me? My body isn't ready.. like do you see?"

"You ain't going on shit fam stop it, we good, you good! And it's nothing wrong with your body you look good"

"Yes it is, you didn't see all the articles? Its clear as day Hussle"

"Boog, you had a baby! You gone listen to outsiders or your man?"

"I know but-"

"It's no but, aint shit wrong with your body, you look great baby, It doesn't matter what these lame ass people say"


"Are you pregnant?"

"No Hussle, we would've known by now"

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