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Please read at your own risk. Beware of sexual themes. There will be errotic scenes so take note of that and read responsibly. Also, there would be inappropriate words in the context. Please be guided.

Bahelor Series
His Personal Mistress


"Let's give a good impression for the agency. But if someone bothers any of you, please don't think twice of informing me immediately,"

I told the servers and the staffs under my supervision. Last week, I was appointed to lead a team for today's event. I am the head organizer and I am responsible for making sure that there won't be any issues that would happen. In any circumstances, kailangan kong siguraduhing maayos ang lahat. Because this event is a big one, international elites were invited to come.

Ang mahalaga sa akin ay walang mababastos na staff ko at walang gulong magaganap. Because if a problem would burst out and I couldn't handle it, it's my dead end. Tanggal ako sa trabaho.

At hindi 'yun puwede. I climed my way up to this job with my own sweat and hardwork. Ayokong mawala na lang bigla sa isang iglap. I need this job. I badly need it. For my...

"Ma'am Yasmin, hinahanap po kayo nung si Sir Almonte. Pinapatawag ka po, may importante atang sasabihin,"

Tinanguhan ko si Trisha matapos marinig ang ibinulong niya.

"Sige. But I need you to keep an eye on our special guest who hasn't arrived yet. The name is Mr. RDM. His name in not on the list," I don't understand why that guest wants to keep a low profile well in fact he's the most valued person in tonight's event.

"Ewan ko din kung ano ang meaning ng RDM. Ma'am Sariaga won't tell me the complete name either. But the men at the entrance will signal you if he's around already. Kapag dumating na, tawagin mo agad ako. No matter how busy I am or if ever I'm talking to some guests, inform me. Do you understand?"

Istriktong untag ko sa kanya. Isang pagkakamali lang, malalagot ako.

"Opo ma'am!" masiglang wika niya. Sumaludo pa siya. Not to mention, Trisha is my favorite staff for tonight.

Iniwan ko muna siya saglit para hanapin si Sir Almonte. What does that guy want again? Tanginang Benjamin Almonte na 'yan! Palagi na lang mayroon ang presensya niya sa trabaho ko!

Naabutan ko siyang nakikipag-usap kay Livy. He looks pissed while Livy was saying something to him.

"Kahit anong gawin mo, hindi siya bibigay! You need to fix your face and that stupid attitude you have first before you can have her heart,"

"I don't need your opinion," iratadong sagot ni Benjamin.

But his eyes instantly lit up when he saw me. Binalingan ko muna si Livy.

"You look hot with that," she raked her sight on my body and let out a whistle. "Ohh I could take you out for a steamy date! You look so bomb and gorgeous," She chuckled.

Since I am just the head organizer of today's event, I am wearing something very formal. A white blouse tucked inside my black high waisted pants. I topped it with a black blazer that fits my form perfectly. I also put on some cream stiletto. And yep, I am wearing a simple earing and single necklace. My lipstick's dark red

"Shut up. You look fabuluous," sabi ko sa kanya.

She's invited as a guest in this occasion. Livy is wearing a white dress that shows her curves and figure. "Of course!" She confidently said and laughed.

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