Questions for the Villains

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Me: Okay! I have questions for the villains!

Villains: Yay!

Me: A simple reminder to someone also. Jeff, do not loose your sanity over someone who isn't worth it.

Jeff: I will keep that in mind.

Me: Anyways. Here we go. Question 1, Dark Link, do you secretly dress Shadow?

Dark Link: *Eyes widen*

Me: *Laughs*

Link: Yeah, do you? I have asked myself the same thing

Ben: *Laughs* Based on Shadows attire it could be possible for Dark to dress him.

Vaati: She didn't ask you

Liu: He was stating an opinion so I wouldn't have much room to talk Vaati

Vaati: ...

Me: Guys let dark answer

Dark Link: Thanks and well, onky when I feel like it. But it's not a purposeful thing all the time- I mean... I was here WAY before that guy showed up. *Grunts*

Me: Wow, that is awesome!

Link: Seriously?

Me: Shuddap! Okay, next question! Ghirahim, why do you lick people?

Ghirahim: Well, darling... I lick people to intimidate them. It is for that reason, I have won every battle I fought.

Link: !!!

Ghirahim: Oh, what is your problem sky child? Jealous that you aren't intimidating?

Link: Whatever. You know I won all our battles.

Ghirahim: *Hair flip* Though it did take a few fairies, and rather...a fairly large amount of liquids when you fought Ganondorf. *Smirk*

Link: Whatever. At least I know how to fight.

Me: Okay, that will be enough from the both of you. Next question! Vaati, why do you cover your eye with your hair? Or is that the way your hair is?

Vaati: *Not paying attention*

Me: Really? How many times is he going to zone out?

Zant: VAATI! *Slaps Vaati*

Vaati: WHAT?! How dare you smack me! What do you want?!

Zant: You have a question!

Vaati: Oh, sorry. What was the question?

Me: I asked you, why do you cover your eye with your hair, or is that the way your hair is?

Vaati: Ah! My hair that covers my eye? Well, to be honest, sometimes I can be a bit self-conscious. I don't really like my eye color, so I cover one of them that is why. And between you and me...It kinda suits me! Don't ya think? Who am I kidding, of course you do!

Ghirahim: You are ridiculous!

Jeff: Yet you lick people. Now then, tell me who is ridiculous! *Laughs*

Liu: *Shakes head* This is why your the insane one.

Me: Boys!

Liu and Jeff: Sorry

Vaati: *Tucks hair behind ear* *Smiles*

Ghirahim: *Eyes widen* Nope...nevermind.

Me: *Laughs* Well, this has been interesting. Anyways I have two more questions for our villains! Here is the next. Zant, why are you so crazy?

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