t w e n t y f o u r

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izys pov
i start panicking in the room and the door swings open causing me to jump, i look to see who's there

"ah izy! you're here! i've missed you, how have you been" avani asked me while giving me a hug

"i've been really good!"
i've been horrible

"that's good! you remember madi right?"

"hi!" madi says to me

"of course i do! i say while going up to madi and giving her a hug

"well we just came back from shopping, we're going to lunch with the boys if you want to join" madi tells me

"oh uh i'd love to! but i think i'm gonna stay here and settle in but you guys have a good time and tell everyone i say hi" i tell them

"alright, bye! text if you need anything" avani says while putting her shopping bags down then exiting the door with madi by her side

i wait like 10 minutes then go down to reception, and ask to use the phone to call my number

📱on the call 📱
unknown: hello

izy: oh thank god! hi i'm izy, i left me phone in the uber earlier today!"

unknown: uh yes! izy, well your phones safe with me

izy: this is the uber driver right?"

uber driver: it most definitely is, the names dave

izy: right, well dave! can i have my phone back?

dave: of course

izy: awesome, when can i get it ?

dave: 62 flowerday road
(once again, i made it up)

izy: oh okay, is now alright?

dave: of course my dear

izy: i'll be there in 20? thank you

📱 end of call 📱

i search up the place and it's like a 15 minute drive, i get my things together and call another uber and ask if he can take me there

20 minutes later

thankfully, he was a nice dude and he took me there. i pay him then go up to the house, the house looks nice. it's a has a nice red brick wall with a huge ass garden, i knock on the door and wait. it takes a white but then someone opens the door, the uber driver aka dave

"please come in" he says

"oh uh can't you just give me my phone from here? i have places to go" i tell him and he just shakes his head no

"come in or no phone" he says, i would just buy a new phone but that phone has my whole entire life on it!

"it's my fucking phone, give it to me" i say, slightly raising my voice

"who's at the door" i hear someone say, i look behind him and see mya. i don't know if you remember her or not but we met at the carnival and apparently her and cynthia were trying to get rid of me or something? i really don't know what's going on with that plan anymore

"ah, izy" she says coming up to me, i'll just play nice

"oh my! mya it's so nice to see you again, uh dave here has my phone, i left it in the uber" i tell her

"oh, this phone?" she says while holding up me phone

"oh yes! i'll just take that then be out of your way" i say while reaching for my phone but then she throws it onto the ground smashing my phone.

"what the fuck mya"

"good girl my dear" dave says while giving her a kiss on the cheek

"you guys are crazy" i say leaving the house, i walk out the garden and then a car pulls up right in front of me

i look to see who's in the car and ah, of course. cynthia.

a/n: this books getting out of hand but i can't stop writing, things will uh calm down soon and go back to normal aha

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