Questions For Link and Vaati

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Me: Questions! Vaati! Link! Get over here!

Vaati: Yay!

Link: Oh boy.

Me: 0_0

Link: Sorry. Questions?

Me: Question #1. Link, who is the worst villain?

Link: Worst villain? Hmmm *Rubs chin*

Dark Link: *Snickers*

Link: Dark, would you cut it out? I am trying to think!

Dark Link: *Frowns* Fine…

Link: *Still thinking*

Dark Link: *Pushes Zant off cliff*

Liu: *Blinks*


Link: Zant, BE QUIET!

Dark Link: *Steals Ben's controller and Jeff's knife*

Jeff and Ben: *Growls* Hey give those back you punk!

Link: Jeff shut it Ben knock it off!

Me: *Blinks*

Zelda: Uh, Link?

Link: Not now, Zelda. I have to answer this question…

Zelda: 0_0

Dark Link: LINK!

Link: Dark, for the last time, SHUT IT!!!!

Dark Link: *Crosses arms*

Link: Well… there is always Ganondorf…But Skull Kid was bad in Majoras mask…hmmm…

Dark Link: *Trips Liu*

Liu: Ow seriously?!?!

Dark Link: *Evil laugh*

Link: Guys!Cut it out- wait…Dark Link! Dark Link is the worse by far!

Dark Link: Yes! Finally!

Zelda and Me: *Rolls eyes*

Me: Okkaaaayyyy… Anyways! Next question! Question #2. Vaati if you were to take Ganondorf's place as Gerudo King, What would you do?

Vaati: Oh… uh… I don't know… hire more peasants?

Ghirahin: What? That is absolutely absurd! You have all that power and what do you do with it? Hire peasants?

Vaati: Well, what would you do, 'Diamond Lord'?

Ghirahim: Don't say it like that. It is just Diamond Lord. I would spend a lot of time planning on what I would do with his dusty old castle. Honestly it could use a new makeover. *Whispers* I think he could use one, as well.

Vaati: *Chuckles*

Ganondorf: I heard that. And no one is taking my place. I am a strong monarch, I am powerful. No one, I repeat NO ONE is taking my place. End. Of. Discussion.

Jeff: Hahaha! Oh please! Slenderman is a better leader than you.

Ganondorf: *Rolls eyes* Oh please, what is he best at making people crazy?

Me: The only person making anyone crazy would be you and your attitude.

Jeff: At least he didn't take over a kingdom and kidnap the princess then loose to a child. He has never been beaten unlike you.

Randy and I: Thats enough Jeff

Liu: Bro, calm yourself. Your insanity is kicking in. Do you want air?

Jeff: What I want is him to disappear *Growls*

Me: Jeff, just stay away from him. He's not worth going insane over.

Link: Wise words.

Me: Thanks. Jeff why don't you come over here

Jeff: *Walks over to me* Yes, beautiful?

Me: *Turns away while blushing* Why do you insist on calling me that?

Jeff: *Leans closer*

Liu and Randy: *Eyes widen*

Everybody: *Gasp*

Jeff: *Makes me turn my head towards him* because its true. Not one person has heard me say beautiful. Your the first that I found beauty in. I don't give a rats tail if you believe me I know beauty when I see it.

Me: *Stares at Jeff then pushes his hand away* thanks. Your the first.

Jeff: People are blind then! *Sits next to me*

Me: Since now I am embarrassed I will end this. Until next time. Bye!

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