Part 28

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Ani. Seeti she run and hugged her tightly but she is standing emotionlessly. Don't know how many things are going on in her mind. She is not able to understand what to do and where to go.

Shiv. Seeti meri jaan he set equal to her and caresses her face.

S. You are not my daddy. She said with glistening eyes.

S. I'm your daddy bacha

S. No Dadi said you are not my daddy

Shiv. She is lying my doll you are my daughter.

S. No you are laying. I heard it she said I'm not your daughter

Shiv. Asa nhi ha he try to touch her but she moved back and started taking steps back

S. Who is my daddy mummy

Shiv. I'm your daddy bacha and Anika is your mummy

S. I'm sholly because of me you couldn't meet with mummy and bhiyu

Shiv. Seeti I'm your father putar come to me. Don't go on her words.

S. No I hate you daddy you lied to me about being my father I hate You. She crys and run away from there.

Shiv. Seeratttt he shout while crying.

Ani. Shiv everything will be alright. She try to calm him but his anger is getting increase second by second.

Shiv. Nothing will be alright ani. Everything has been messed up and it's all happening because of her. She is a small kid who was happy till now but this lady brought her in tears. I can't tell Anika what's going on inside me. I don't know what would be my daughter's condition. She is a baby and it's hard for her to disgust that she is not belong to me

Ani. Shivaay listen to me.

Shivaay jerk her and look at her pinky angrily

Shiv. Now you would be happy to seeing that little souls in pain. Because of your love for your daughter brought my little angel in that Circle where a Well aged man can get frighten. How could you do it. How could you

P. I was helpless shivaay

Shiv. Oh plz you were not helpless. It was love  which made you blind to seeing your Daughter's bad deeds. But you know what seerat is my daughter and will be my daughter. And  On one can snatch her from me. Did you understand.

P.but she is priyanka's daughter

Shiv. No Mrs pinky how can she belong to priyanka when she didn't even call once to know about her how about. She didn't even care if she is alive or not  then how can you call her as her mother. I don't think so she deserve her. In those years she was enjoying with her husband leaving alone her daughter and now you remembered she is her daughter. Now if she comes back and  demand for her then I'm sorry I'll not give her. Because I'm  very well known that she can't take care of my seeti. He wipes his tear and about to go but again stopped

Shiv. And yeah tomorrow itself I'll leave with my family and don't you dare to stop me. Saying this he held Anika's hand and walked off.

P. You didn't do right thing tia.  Now see what will I do.

Tia. Before harming me I think you should think about your daughter. If i told  your husband about it then think what will happens. She smirk

P.  You are such a bitch

Tia. Not more then you.  Anyways i will still live in this house as I still have  hope to get shivaay and you gonna help me in it

P.  in your dreams. I won't do anything like that

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