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"Why were you pacing when I came out?" Phury asked. They were in his car once again, this time in casual clothes, and were driving on the highway to an undetermined destination.

Phoenix grimaced, "It was so dirty in there. How can you stand it?"

Phury chuckled, "I can't." They were silent for a moment and Phury tried to think of something to say before it turned awkward, but Phoenix beat her to it.

"Why do you live there? Do you pay for it, or is it district provided?"

"It's provided by the district. It's not as bad as it seems though. Tulane tells me that once you get past the smell, it's actually a nice place to live."


Phury rolled her eyes. "Where do you live?"

"I live in the North East part of the district."

Phury's jaw dropped, "With the humans?"

"Yeah..." He gave an uncomfortable laugh, "They're not that bad you know."

"Humans aren't that bad?" she asked, still shocked.

"Umm... I..." He pursed his lips and seemed to think for a moment, "If I tell you this," he said slowly, "will you promise not to judge?"

"Yes." She said immediately.

The car was silent, the only noise was the steady hum of the engine, Phoenix's smile was long gone, he looked scared, almost like Phury might run away, "I lived with a human family until I was ten," he said softly, watching her reaction from the corner of his eye, "They adopted me when I was an infant. They didn't know I was corrupt, I didn't know either."

"H-how did you find out?" She stuttered.

He gave a sad smile, "I was at school. We had a substitute teacher, Ms. Glass, she was corrupt. When she saw me she reported me to the honored one of the district. They made my parents forget about me and I lived with Ms. Glass until I was sixteen. After that, I moved out and lived in an apartment like yours."

Phury's mouth was wide open. She was still for a moment as she tried to absorb what Phoenix had just told her. She couldn't imagine living with humans, they were...inferior...disgusting...unfit to befriend a corrupt. Yet they had raised Phoenix.

"I guess it's good that I was found when I was." He continued, "I converted when I was twelve, and my human parents would have had no idea what was happening." Phoenix said with a laugh.

Phury looked at him, his smile was back in place, but it seemed strained. "Well," Phury said, hoping to relieve some tension, "I should start giving humans more credit."

"Yeah," He sounded relieved, "did you live with our parents?"

"No, I lived with my aunt Cheryl." She thought for a moment, "Our aunt Cheryl. She was mom's older sister. I'm not exactly sure on the story, but she thought our parents were unfit and I started living with her when I was two."

"Hmm...So it's possible they're still alive?" He sounded strange.

"To my knowledge." She said hesitantly.

He gave a wry laugh, "I guess they just didn't want us."

Phury shrugged, "I guess." She looked at Phoenix, he had a tense smile and a tight grip on the steering wheel. The number on the speedometer was steadily rising and Phury was sure it was only a matter of time before they hit something. "Hey, take this exit," she said trying to change the subject, "I know a park we can go to."

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