More questions

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Me: Hello again! I have two more great questions! These questions are very interesting!

Ghirahim: These questions are for me. I just know it!

Me: …Yes…one questions

Ghirahim: *Smiles* Okay go on! Ask the questions!

Me: Okay! Have you ever heard of slenderman? *Sits next to Jeff*

Jeff: *Blushes*

Ghirahim: Me? Oh, my. I've heard of Slender woods and mansion. *Gulps* but I am afraid I have never met THE Slenderman.

Randy: *Laughs* You seem frightened…

Me: Leave him alone.

Link: Thanks to Ben, I have met the guy *shivers* he is…nerve settling.

Ghirahim: *Rolls eyes* Oh shut it Link and Randy she was not asking you the question Link. She was asking muah! *hair flip* Besides, you aren't the smartest boy in the world either. What with you trying to go against me and defeat me!

Link: What? Do you seriously want to go there?

Ghirahim: I am not afraid of you, shrimp. *Chuckles*

Link: Okay, that is I-

Me: Okay guys calm down. That is not the last question. I have one more!

Link: Sorry.

Ghirahim: Hmph.

Me: Next question! This is for-

Skull Kid: Me? Is it for me?!?!

Me: No. It is for-


Jeff: *Hits Zant* don't grab unless offered.

Me: Thanks Jeff. No Zant it is for Vaati!

Zant: *Rubs head*

Vaati: Yay! Finally! What is the question? *Trying to be cool*

Me: *Inches closer to Jeff* Vaati, are you and Ghirahim cousins?

Liu: *raises eyebrow at me*

Jeff: *Blushes*

Vaati and Ghirahim: …

Vaati: Come again?

Ghirahim: Cousins?

Vaati: Shuddap, the question is for me.

Ghirahim: *Sigh*

Vaati: Actually, I do believe that we could be related. He has his tall height,  I have my short. He has his…Fabu and I have my smexy! We kinda complwte each other…if you think about it.

Ghirahim: Are you…you have GOT to be joking! There is no way in Skyloft I am related to YOU! *Gags*

Vaati: What?!? Anyone would be lucky to call me a relative! I am…I am insulted!

Ghirahim: You should be! I Can't believe you would think I am- Wait a minute…you might have a point! We could be related!

Me: They are both stubborn, too.

Jeff: *laughs*

Ghirahim and Vaati:… What?

Link: *snickers*

Me: Sorry nothing.

Randy: What an interesting question indeed.

Zelda: Yeah, now that you have pointed it out, they do somehow resemble each other.

Ganondorf: Oh my Hylia… they do!

Jeff: *Clutches stomach while laughing*

Ganondorf: What?!

Jeff: Oh nothing *Continues laughing* you sounded like a girl!

Ganondorf: *Goes to attack Jeff*

Liu, Laughing Jack, and Me: *Stand in front of Jeff*

Me: Enough! *Growls*

Randy: *Eyes widen*

Ganondorf: *growls*

Skull Kid: That was close and also weird.

Midna: More like unexpected

Ilia: Very.

Zelda: But now that I really think about they also act simularly.

Vaati: Okay! Do not go that far! I don't go around…LICKING Hylian boys' ears! *Gags*

Ben: Eew!

Everybody: *Stares*

Everybody: *laughs*

Ghirahim: He does have a point. *smiles*

Everybody: *Stares* *Gags*

Me: Okaayyy…Anyways what a wonderful turn of events! Bye!

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