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IT HAD BEEN NEARLY THREE WEEKS SINCE WANDA HAD HER SUDDEN EPISODE. Ever since that day, the Maximoff household has been quiet. No music was played and the tv was left off. Ever since her episode, Wanda was left drained, emotionally and Physically. Reoccurring nightmares haunted her like a spirit to a house. She could hardly sleep. It was a gloomy September morning, Autumn was approaching, leaves were already falling. Pulling her long brown hair into a ponytail, a sigh exited Wanda's mouth as she stared at herself through the bathroom mirror. Her eyes looked tired filled with gloominess. Perhaps she was drained from all the visions she saw.
Today was the first day of school. A day she used to love but now dreaded. She knew everything the teachers taught so why was she being forced into participating? Hawkins Indiana was a mystery. Some teachers were amazing, giving you an experience you would never forget and some couldn't even understand what you say because of a thick accent you had developed.

Grabbing her denim backpack decorated with pins she had bought from Sokovia before the war had started, Wanda walked out of the door with a pop tart in hand. Her Walkman sat in her coat pocket, waiting for the song to play. Wanda grabbed her bicycle and started biking to school, her Walkman playing 'Bicycle race' by Queen. It only took her a few minutes to arrive at the high school. Everything was so... foreign. Sure it all looked the same as it did before she left but it wasn't how she remembered.
Wanda quickly walked past all the crowds and waited by the Principal's office. Anxiety was overwhelming her. Removing her headphones and placing the Walkman inside her bag, Wanda waited quietly and anxiously for the Principal to open the door. The young teen's eyes found their way to her lap where her hands were. She fiddled with her dainty fingers waiting.

The Principal's office door opened and a man with grey hair walked out with a snarky smile. So this was the Principal? Wanda thought.
"You must be Wenda." He said, terribly pronouncing her name. Wanda cringed as she stared at him.

"It's Wanda." She politely corrected, her accent seeping out.

"Alright Venda." The Principal once again mispronounced. "If you could follow me, I'll be taking you to your first class."
Timidly, Wanda got up and slung her backpack over her back and followed the Principal. She wondered if she had any classes with her neighbour. Maybe she had some with his Girlfriend, Nancy.
The Principal soon arrived at a classroom labelled 'English'. So Wanda could only assume that she had English. Knocking politely on the door, the man waited patiently for someone to answer the door. A woman then answered the door. She had ginger hair that was cut into a bob and wore a pair of glasses.

"You must be the new girl." She smiled. Wanda returned the smile, feeling slightly comfortable in the presence of a nice woman.

"Miss Rushman, this is Venda-" the Principal started.

"It's Wanda." Wanda cut him off with a slight glare. She hated when people messed up on her name. It wasn't difficult to say Wanda, it was much easier than most English names anyways. So when Americans said her name in horrible ways she couldn't help but get slightly upset. "Not to be rude but you're horribly pronouncing it."
Miss Rushman looked at Wanda with a small smile.

"It's nice to meet you.'' She had a honey suckle tone that reminded Wanda of her neighbour from Sokovia. "Why don't I introduce you to the class?" She asked. Wanda meekly nodded her head. As she entered the classroom she could see everyone's attention direct upon her. A wave of anxiety flushed though her as she stared at the class awkwardly.

"Class this is Wanda Maximoff. She'll be joining your classes from this day forth." She could feel the burning stares of all the teens in the room. "Um could you take a seat just in front of Nancy?" She asked politely. "Nancy could you please raise your hand." A young brunette raised her hand with a small smile on her face. So this was Nancy Wheeler? Wanda slowly walked towards her seat, clearly uncomfortable with all the staring she had received. She dared not speak in fear of being judged for her accent. But when Nancy tapped her on the back with the rubber of her pencil, Wanda knew she would have to speak eventually.

"Hey, are you okay? You're not lost are you?" She asked, referring to the text they were looking at. "If you want I can explain it to you?"

Wanda shook her head with a small smile on her face. "I'm fine. Thank you though.'' Her accent was blunt and clear as she spoke making Wanda cringe.

"So where are you from? Your accent, it seems... unique." Nancy asked, her voice was soft and sweet like honey nectars.

"I'm from Sokovia, hence the Eastern European accent." Wanda smiled as she stared at Nancy.

"Wasn't there bombings happening in Sokovia? It's been all over the news."  Nancy subconsciously asked, not thinking things though. She saw Wanda's eyes cloud slightly with emotion. "Oh I'm so sorry!" She quickly apologised.

"It's fine, just it takes time to adjust." Wanda paused for a second. "Sokovia wasn't exactly the wealthiest of Countries. It was on the border between Slovakia and Czech Republic. Only recently people from America are hearing about it because of the attacks. Those attacks were the reason why my mother and I moved to Hawkins."

"Why Hawkins?" Wanda stared at Nancy for a second, contemplating whether to tell her. No, she couldn't.

"No reason."

LUNCH HAD COME BY FASTER THAN EXPECTED. Wanda Maximoff sat alone in the Canteen with no company. She had no idea where Nancy Wheeler was, and by frankly she didn't really care seeing as Steve Harrington was her boyfriend. Munching through her Pasta pot her Mother had given her, Wanda read a book, not caring if she seemed like a nerd.

She stayed like that for a good twenty minutes. Enjoying her pasta and her book. For those twenty minutes she had received odd looks and scowls from multiple people, ranging from different heights and genders. Most of whom were snarky, stuck up girls who were pampered by their Father's with rich items of clothing and a credit card to buy whatever their black hearts desired. Of course Wanda didn't care. Why should she? These girls were just desperate to get laid and find a man. Wanda couldn't give two fucks.

It was half past one when Wanda met Katherine Elizabeth Bishop. The young girl who had long ebony hair and pale skin seemed out stumble down beside her after being belittled for her interest in archery. She seemed extremely awkward and antisocial yet seemed kind at the same time.

"Are you okay?" Wanda questioned the girl, her eyes were wide as she stared at Kate. "You cut your nose!" Wanda exclaimed In shock.

"Yeah, yeah I know. Nothing a bandaid or two can't fix." Kate stubbornly replied, reaching into her pocket to find a bandaid.

"Does this," Wanda paused for a moment, gesturing to her bloody and bruised nose. "Happen often?"

"Yeah, quite often if I do say so myself." Kate chuckled to herself. "You should see me on a normal day. Today just happened to be one of my lucky days."

"The names Wanda, Wanda Maximoff." Wanda held her hand out with a small.

"Katherine Bishop, but no one calls me that. It's just plain Kate." 

You all are probably like, what's Kate freaking Bishop doing in this book? Well this book is like a Marvel x Stranger Things fanfic. Their are only gonna be a few Marvel Characters appearing though. So no Tony Stark or Steve Rogers. Only like underrated characters like Clint and Natasha and Kate because why freaking not!
Also the face claim for Kate is Hailee Steinfeld.

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