CH. 9: Side Piece

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See, here's the thing about Mac Wyatt and Gregg Selfridge, at that moment, David Wyatt wasn't thinking about them. Nope, at that moment, Uncle Dave was too busy concentrating on one thought and one thought only: Whatever you do, Dave-O, don't cum.

But, her mouth was so warm. Her spit so wet, so slippery. And her rhythm. By the Portal, don't watch, don't watch. Hold out. List the ingredients in the new potion. Wing of bat. Eye of crow. Claw of dog. Calf's placenta. And, the secret ingredient of... of... Then, Dave lost it.

His toes curled. His thighs and calves contracted. His breath gusted from his lungs. He gripped the motel bed sheet in bunched fists. A week's worth of waiting for this moment and it was upon him. Euphoric spasm after groaning, euphoric spasm into the eager mouth of a woman thirty years his junior. Gone were the thoughts of his responsibilities at the Wyatt family still, the pressures the Sunshine Beach marketplace and most certainly of the no nonsense rigidity of his marriage to Astrid.

She'd let herself go of late, no longer needing to be in fighting shape since the truce, but man, she used to be something, his wife. Not as fit or as lithe as the beautiful creature wiping her mouth and leaning back on her calves, but Astrid Wyatt was once- no better not to think on it. Better not to ruin the fleeting time he had with this younger woman. But, no, as his orgasmic wave ebbed, reality started to set in again and, while a stiff penis has no conscience, David's now flaccid one was starting in with a litany of realism.

"This is wrong," David said, to her but mostly to himself.

"Which part?" she said, sprawling cat-like across the bed. "That we're selling an off-brand love spell pills to summer people or that you're fucking your niece?"

David tensed up. "Jesus, Stephanie!"

Stephanie Wyatt stretched out, flexing her ebony body, displaying her breasts as she curled her arms behind her head. She crossed her legs at the ankle, rubbed her calf with the back of her foot and fixed her eyes on David. "Don't be such a prude, Dave."

"If your Dad ever found out."

"Please," Stephanie scoffed playfully. "If Derek was gonna flip over anything, it'd be that we stole Aunt Astrid's healing potion recipe to make and sell aphrodisiac pills."

David rubbed the scruff on his cheek. His eyes slide down the curves of his brother's daughter. Brother-in-law, David corrected himself, Brother. In. Law. No blood relation. It wasn't much, but when you're cheating on your vengeful sorceress wife with your twenty two year old fox of niece, in-law or otherwise, you gotta take it where you could get it.

Then, of course, there was the unsanctioned drug dealing that, if discovered would end in his torturous death. But, by God look at her legs. They went up to here and beyond. Maybe it was the sordid sex or the extra cash or the testosterone boost of cheating on both your sagging wife and her emasculating sister's liquor empire, but David felt himself starting to stiffen. It did not go unnoticed by Stephanie.

"Oh, really?" she smiled.

"We've still got another hour before we meet the buyers."

Stephanie reached out and tickled David's leg hair. Stiff became rock hard and throbbing.

"This time," Stephanie said. "I want to do the talking."

"You sure?" David asked. "They seemed like pretty rough customers."

Stephanie scrunched her face. "I thought you wanted to get laid."

"Right, right," David said, backtracking. "It's just that, well, OK. Sure. Of course. You're a capable youth woman. You got this."

"Damn straight," Stephanie said, then let out a laugh. "Idiot."

David shrugged a stupid guy shrug. Then, he made his move on her. She put out a long leg and pressed her foot into David's chest. She looked him dead in the eye and said, "Oh, no. You need to make up for your chauvinistic bullshit." Then, her eyes lowered to her sex.

He smirked and slid his stubbly face down her thigh, planting little kisses on Stephanie's skin until he had his face locked between her thighs. As he commenced to alternately lick and nibble her clit, the night's drug deal was swept from David's mind. In fact, he was so committed to Stephanie's pleasure that he never got a chance to notice the sardonic, hateful grin broadening across her face. And had his ears not been firmly pressed her between Stephanie's legs, which were drawing increasingly tighter the closer her drew her to orgasm, he might have heard her sigh out, "Oh, David. You poor sap. This world will be mine."

But, Stephanie came and so it went.

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