chapter 2

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(y/n) pov.

We were running to the bank because today I mom's birthday. Me and Choco pulled our money together and bought her a diamond ring.

The ring also had the words "happy birthday Mom" on it. We eventually made it to the bank and saw mom getting ready to close up the bank.

We quickly got behind her and we shouted surprise. She jumped and quickly turned around. Soon she calmed down and we gave her the present.

(Y/n)/Choco: happy birthday Mom!

She opened it and gasped. She had a tear forming in her eyes as she took the ring out of the box. She put it on and looked at it before hugging me and my sister.

Mom: thank you girls.

We stayed like that until the door burst opened. We looked in that direction to see 4 people with desert eagles holding a hostage.

Thug 1: alright, give us all the money that the bank has or this guy is gonna be floating down a river.

He shot a bullet through the roof, and from the looks of it they weren't kidding.

Just then the four thugs were pierced through the chest with tentacles. We looked behind us and saw that mom had the tentacles coming from her back.

After the guys dropped dead mom's tentacles retracted and dissapered.

Mom: follow me and keep this a secret.

We followed her to the backroom where she she slid open a secret hole that had an handprint ID scan.

She pressed her hand on it as a secret elevator opened. Mom stepped in and we followed. The door closed and we started to go down. After about 5 minutes of being in the elevator the door finally opened and we saw that there was a secret base under the bank.

We looked around and saw a framed picture of a guy that had angel wings with white hair.

We looked around and saw a framed picture of a guy that had angel wings with white hair

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Soon we saw a white Teletubby with a top hat that had a cow like pattern.

Mom walked up to him and they started a conversation.

Walten: pudding? I thought you left already?

Mom: I did, but my daughters came here to give me a birthday present and the moment they did four thugs were trying to rob the place. And I knew it was only a matter of time before they figured out.

Walten: well since they know about you I think it will be fair to tell them the story of what happened 70 years ago.

Walten: it started when I was working at the mainland, the custards were infecting the Teletubbies causing them to become infected. I went out to search for them until I saw a boy about 1 year older than you two. We quickly found the custards I the area.

*Small time skip*

Walten: and that's what happened 70 years ago.

Choco: if this happened over 70 years ago and you were there during that, wouldn't you be dead by now?

Walten: well I would have been, but I heard a voice telling me to eat the custard that we were examining. I soon started to feel myself change and I wasn't in control anymore.

I was cured before I was too far gone, but thanks to that event it has caused me to stop aging.

Choco: oh.

Mom: well girls I think it's almost time to go home.

(Y/n)/Choco: yes mother.

Walten: wait! Before I forget.

He pulled out a small present.

Walten: happy birthday.

Mom: thank you.



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