Rolling Eyes And The Kiss

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Thank you so much guys for giving your Love to this story!

The best feeling in the world is kissing someone for the first time when you have really wanted to kiss them from a long time!

Vikram's pov

Morning sun rays disturbed my sleep but I was thankful for it as I saw my beautiful wife's face, first thing in the morning. This all seems so surreal...yet it is My reality now!
The only woman who was able to stir my heart even after my excruciating my wife now...she is here, in front of me....Forever!

Just her mere presence in my life gave me hopes that I can live in peace! She has became my center and I intend to keep her to myself for eternity.
I have found love again and this time it's true love without any selfishness..and I am not going to step back.
I know it's not going to be easy for the both of us but I am going to win her trust!

I know she is vulnerable like me, and had a very brutal heratbreak so I will make sure she feel the safest with me.

I so wanted to play with her silky locks but I stopped my rising hormones. . .

Gosh! She is going to make me do crazy things!

Unwillingly, I woke up and went to use the washroom and did my business and came out but I couldn't see her on the bed but my heartbeats raised when I heard mix gigglings....that sound was a soothing music to my monotonous life!

I followed the giggles and reached to a heart melting sight.
My kids were having a tickle fight with Akira, their mommy!

I stood their at the doorframe and watched my family going crazy but my pervert heart went to linger on the teasing, raised tee of Akira that exposed her milky flesh.

Arrgh! Vikram not now, please buddy!
Stop looking at the sinful Beauty!

I cleared my head and fake coughed to have their attention.
Both my kids grinned and ran to me however, Akira straightened her tee feeling uncomfortable.

I said - So, my babies! Who's ready to go home with Daddy?

Me-Me! - both of them yelled but I saw Akira ignoring my eyes. I know she is sceptical about our stay at my mansion but she doesn't know that she is one who is going to make mansion "Our Home"!
And I will provide her that comfort to begin to trust me.

I know she does not like the idea of us being a real wedded couple but I want her to give a chance to this marriage just like me and hell I will make her realise my feelings for her. I am going to take care of us and stick around in all thick and thin and I will prove this to her that even the broken things can be loved!

Anyways I came back from my dreamland and asked - Um...Akira, have you packed your stuff? We will be leaving after the Breakfast.

She replied by nodding. I sighed and went out to join every one on the dinning table for breakfast.

Smriti and Kartik had already packed and they were leaving in my jet with their parents and we will be joining in with Akira's parents.

Tayi maa sa held Akira's hand and spoke - Welcome to the family Bahu Rani (daughter in law) and I am going to miss you and specially the kids...and don't forget to make your first sweet dish in your own kitchen in Delhi. It's a tradition!

Akira smiled at her and said - I will aunty! And I will miss you too!

What is this Aunty?? Hun? Called me Tayi maa like Vikram does. You are our family now. - Tayi maa spoke

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