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I Wish


Chapter 1 - Wishes Are For Dreamers

"Lissa, Lissa look at me!" Harriet squealed, twirling around in her black dress.

"Look at me!" Lissa said back, her yellow dress swirled around her as she ran down the hall towards me. I grabbed Harriet's arm and pulled her out the back door.

"Run, she likes your dress better," I joked. My short pink dress made it hard for me to run but I kept going to the swing still with my grip on Harriet. I heard a beeping sound and turned around to see Sally holding up a camera pointed at me, my greatest fear, me on film.

"Turn that off, you're wasting the battery pointing that at me," I said wryly back.

"Aww don't say that Kiley, you look great."

We were all dressed up for our own private New Year's Eve party. We had been planning it forever and Lissa and Sally made the food and Harriet and I did the rest, the important stuff. Like entertainment; a few good movies, girl stuff and prepared lots of good gossip.

"Hey, should we get the book out," Harriet whispered in my ear. I nodded and she smiled one of her huge smiles that made me laugh.

We slipped out of sight of our other two friends and headed back inside to Harriet's room. We opened her cupboard doors and dug through her piles of clothes to the back where we had placed the book.

It had a black hard cover and its frayed pages gave it a vintage feeling, which I liked. Inside was everything that had ever happened to us; Sally, Lissa, Harriet and me. It had only stated halfway through last year when all of us had become friends. Before that Harriet wasn't part of our group.

I opened to the first page where there was a photo of all of us.

I looked over at Harriet who was admiring our work. We had started to put together this book just after Harriet joined our little group, Lissa and Sally didn't know about it, but we intended to show them soon.

"It's almost 8 lets go get the movies ready," Harriet suggested.

"Sure." I left the book on the bed and followed Harriet to the living room.

Following behind her I watched her shoulder height light brown hair sway behind her, she was lucky. I hated my oily split ended hair, which was just past my shoulders. I always thought it took a year to grow an inch. I reached a hand up and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. When my hand came up towards my face I could smell both nail polish and nail polish remover, both smells seemed to me to be revolting.

While walking through the kitchen I picked up a cookie off one of the plates Sally cooked. Wow she could cook. Not like myself. "Hey I saw that," Harriet said slapping my hand away from picking up another.

"But there so good," I whined.

"I know I had one before when no one was looking."

I gave her a disapproving look and she just shrugged her shoulders in a 'what did you expect way'. She ate a lot. Once she told me she had already had 3 packets of chips before midday. And somehow she is still so skinny.

"So were we going to watch some movies now?" Sally said walking in followed by Lissa who came in and jumped over the couch.