Chapter 8: Be Seeing You

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"You got my cigarettes?" Viggo asked Avi as they head to the helicopter to get the hell out of town. "Yeah, I got your cigarettes." Avi said to him as thunder started to rumble and the lightning crashes across the sky. Meanwhile, you and John were not far behind them. "Who is that behind us?" A guard asked. Viggo and Avi turn around and see the Charger coming at them. "Oh, fuck!" Avi exclaims as John turns the car to the side and gets closer.

"Yeah. Super. Come on, let's go. Faster! The helicopter's right down there. Come on! Let's go!" Avi shouts at the driver and they go as fast as they can. John drives up next to an SUV and hits it a few times until the vehicle was knocked off of the bridge and crashed down. "Oh, shit! Damn it, I knew he'd come." Avi grumbles while Viggo let's out a small chuckle. You were holding on as best as you could as John comes up to their vehicle and slams the car against theirs.

"What's fuckin' wrong with this guy?" Avi asked, fearfully, while Viggo laughs. "Somebody give me a gun. Who's got a gun?" Avi asked one of the guards as John hits them again. "Oh, God!" Avi exclaims as his head hits the window and Viggo laughs. "That was a good one." He said. "Who's got a gun?" Avi asked again as the started to go around a corner. But John hits the tail end of their car, making them swerve to the side and hit a concrete pole.

John slams on the brakes and starts to back up. "Kill them!" Viggo orders and his men start to get out of the car and pull out their guns. As John backs up and comes at them, the men began to fire st the car Some of the bullets hit the back window which made you and John duck. You let out a small scream at this as John fires his gun at them then hits one of them.

The guy rolls on top of the car and John fires his gun up at the roof as the guard rolled across the roof and over to the hood. The man falls off of the hood and landed on the ground as John backs up some more then turns the car, hitting a couple more men as they fired at you two.

"Viggo, the helicopters, right over there. We have to get over there." Avi said to Viggo as they try to get out of the car. Another guard was firing his gun at the Charger as John through the car in reverse again and hits Viggo's car. Another guard was a few feet away in front of the Charger as he begins to fire at you guys. Just as John puts the car in drive, you let out a yelp of pain as you felt something hit your right shoulder.

You placed your hand over it then pulled you hand back to see that it was covered in blood. John noticed this then becomes more angry and slams his foot on the gas and drives towards the shooter. He gets up the man, swerves it around and shoots the man before going back towards Viggo.

Viggo holds up a gun to Avi and said something in Russian to him. Avi goes to grab it but Viggo pulls it back, almost like he was teasing him, he did this a few times but finally let Avi take the gun. "English, please." Avi pleads to him. "Good luck." Viggo said to him and Avi rolls his eyes. "Russian cocksucker." He grumbles as he stumbles out of the car. "Ah! Fuck!" Avi screams in pain as John drives towards them.

Avi goes around the car and hides as the Charger comes up. Both of you look around to see where Avi went until a bullet sounds out and hits the driver's side door. Both of you look in that direction and see Avi standing there, laughing. John shoots him a couple of times then drives towards him and hits him.

Then a truck comes out of nowhere and hits John's side of the car. Both of you look up and see it was Viggo driving and he was pushing you two off of the bridge. John fires at him a couple of times but he ducks and continues to push you guys. John looks towards the back window then to you and gestures for you to go. You give him a quick nod and start to climb out towards the back, John following you. You crawl out through the back window and jumped out, then John crawls out and jumps out and lands next to you as the car crashes down and the rain begins to pour down.

You groan and hold your injured shoulder as you and John slowly get up. "You okay?" He asked you as he helps you up. You go and move your right arm and hand around to make sure they were still working before you turned to him and nodded. Then he goes over to the truck snd sees that Viggo was gone. "Where did he--?" You started to ask when you hear a helicopter starting and both of you look over at the helipad and see Viggo walking towards it until he stops and glares at you two.

"Wait here." John said to you and you give him a worried look. "John..." you said, concerned, as he looks you over. "I'll be fine." He assures you then both of you stare into each others eyes before you lean up and kiss him. "Go get that son-of-a-bitch." You whispered and John nods then heads over to Viggo.

"No more guns, John. No more bullets." Viggo said to John as he walks closer. "No more bullets." John said and he tosses his gun to the side and the two men started to circle each other. "Just you and me, John." Viggo said. "You and me." John growls and the two get into a stance and that started to fist fight. Viggo tried to get a few hits but John was able to block them then he punches Viggo in the face. Then John holds his arm against Viggo's neck.

"What happened, John? We were professionals. Civilized." Viggo said. "Do I look civilized to you?" John asked him then he punches him across the face again and flips him over. Viggo let's out a groan then slowly gets up as he pulls out a knife. John stares at it as Viggo starts to slices at him but he dodges them until Viggo goes to stab John in the side.

John holds his arm and tries to prevent him from stabbing him but Viggo kept pushing the knife closer and closer to him. So John, still holding onto Viggo's arm, helps shove the knife into his side then pushes Viggo's arm up, breaking it. Viggo cries out then slaps John across the face, making him stumble back. John looks down and pulls the knife out of his side and, just as Viggo comes after him, he raises the knife and stabs Viggo where the neck and shoulder connect and Viggo slaps him and the two men fall.

Thunder rumbled and the lightning struck as John looks down at his bleeding wound then up to Viggo. "Be seeing you, John." Viggo said to him. "Yeah. Be seeing you." John said as he gets up and starts walk away as Viggo let's out his last breath and dies.
John walks off of the pier as you come up to him. "Oh my God!" You exclaimed as you see his wound. You go and help him walk until you guys go to a working vehicle and drive away from this place.

And that's how you ended up here trying to help stop the bleeding on your husband's side while you plead for him to stay awake. Finally, he removes his hand off of your cheek and he started to get up, you placed his arm around your shoulder and helped him.

He leads you over to the ramp and up to the door. He removes his arm off of your shoulder then breaks the window of the door with his elbow and opens the door. Both of you walk in and hear a bunch of dogs barking. You flipped the switch and see that it was a kennel and you two walk in the room and found some medical supplies.

You lead John to the table and let him lean against it while you grabbed the things you'll need to fix his wound. Then you come back over to him, opened up the bottle of peroxide and looked up at John as if asking permission to do it. He nods at you and you began to pour the liquid on his wound. He clenches his teeth to hold back the scream as you poured it on his wound.

You clean it up and then grabbed this little stapler gun and started to staple up his wound. As you were doing this, John looks around the kennel to see all the dogs in the cages as they whined and barked. Then he gets an idea.

Once you finished attending to his wound, he starts walk next to the kennels and looks them over, while you started attending to your wound, until he comes up to one cage. A Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and from what the clipboard said this dog was gonna be put down. He opens the cage and starts to pet the dog as the dog looks up at him. "It's okay." John said to the dog as he pets the top of the dog's head. "John?" You said, questionable, as he leads the dog out of the cage. He looks up at you and said. "I know I have alot to make up for. And...I hope to start with this."

He gestures to the dog as he says this and you give a small smile towards him. You go towards him and the two of you hug for a few moments before you said. "Let's go home." Then the two of you walked out of that building with your new dog walking alongside the two of you.

To be continued:

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