Derping Around

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Me: No questions just us derping around I guess

Dark Link: You are lame.

Laughing Jack: *Laughs* You're more lamer than the girl. And she isnt lame either.

Dark link: *Growls*

Ghirahim: Honestly, if I were the one hosting this whole thing…we would be having lots more fun, and we wouldn't even be able to keep up with each other!! *Fabulous hair flip*

Jeff: Leave her alone Ghirahim.

Me: *Stares at Ghirahim*

Vaati: *soft cries*

Ghirahim: Oh, what is wrong with YOU Moron.

Vaati: *Death glare* I WANT TO MEET ALL MY FANGIRLS!

Me: Is Vaati really crying?

Ghirahim: I am afraid so. Listen Wind Mage, You'll never meet your fangirls acting like this.

Vaati: Well, I wasn't actually crying for one thing...

Ganondorf: *Facepalm* I am surrounxed by idiots…

Me: You aren't the smartest guy on the planet either.

Ganondorf: How dare you insult me!

Randy: Well if we are all idiots to you, that makes you a bigger idiot to us!

Skull Kid: He has a point

Jeff: Couldn't agree more. And I agree with the young lady Ganondorf isnt the smartest guy.

Me: *Inhales*

Randy: Honestly I have more brains than this pig!

Me: Randy that's quite enough if you want to live

Randy: What you think he can hurt me?

Me: -_-

Lui: *Sweatdrops*

Ganondorf: *Growls*

Jeff, Randy, Lui, and Me: *Gulps*

Link: Leave them alone…they are right.

Me: *Blushes*

Link: what?

Me: N-nothing…

Fi: I calculate  a 99.8% chance that the girl is embarrassed now.

Link: *Rubs back of neck*

Me: I'm gonna go…play my piano now…

Laughing Jack: Oh can you play pop goes the weasel

Me: No

Laughing Jack: *Frowns*

Jeff: You actually frowned. Whoa!

Link: 0.o

Fi: It is very obvious that you like Miss Zelda, but only Zelda. Am I correct?

Link: Okay Fi…that is enough *Blushes*

Ghirahim: Apparently he likes Zelda, he can't stop blushing. Such a stupid girl. You could do better.

Link: SHUT UP! No one cares about your opinions Lord Talks a lot…

Ben: *Laughs*

Ghirahim: *stares* Hmph, foolish boy…you know not who you speak to!

Randy: *Raises eyebrow* Why would he be scared of you seriously just look at what your wearing!

Ben: *Eyes widen* Randy!

Link: *Rolls eyes*

Ilia: Okay…

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