10. red flags

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Those last couple of days had been crazy for Taehyung. The text messages, the doubts, the questions.. he could really use a break and take a breath of fresh air.

So he decided to head outside in the hopes of finding some peace and just enjoy a relaxing walk in the park with his earphones on, listening to some soothing and comforting music.

~ ♬ Everything, everything, everything goes
Everything everything else goes ♬ ~

He really should have put his phone on airplane mode though, because it kept on buzzing with new notifications. He had sworn to himself to ignore it but the temptation to check out the new messages was just too strong: he was developing some kind of addiction towards that little chiming box.

He crossed fingers it was Jungkook. They had been talking non-stop for the past couple of days and whenever he wasn't talking to him a huge sense of loneliness engulfed his whole being. Kind of a red flag but he chose to ignore it, after all, he was still convinced he saw him as nothing more than a friend. So as he finally opened the Ig app and saw Jungkook's latest post, he gaped.

He looked around to see if he was alone cause he was dying of embarrassment: his cheeks were as red as ever and he was struggling to breathe

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He looked around to see if he was alone cause he was dying of embarrassment: his cheeks were as red as ever and he was struggling to breathe. And all of that because of that stupid post. "So much so for posting your landscape shots uh Jungkookie" he thought to himself as he recalled telling the guy to post something else instead of the usual mirror selfies... but apparently the boy had chosen to not deviate from his old habits and post something particularly provocative.

Taehyung blinked a few times to make sure the image he was staring at wasn't just a projection of his fantasies. But no, the boy in the photo was no other than the guy he shook hands with a week before, with those silky brown hair of his and rose petals scent.

His body was perfectly sculpted and never before that moment, Taehyung had ever imagined to be saying something like this about a guy's appearance. Never.

Was something changing from inside of him?
Or had it always been there without him knowing?

He didn't wanna know, not then. So as he came home after that long walk all he could think about was him. Jungkook. And that picture, oh that damn picture that was now printed inside his head. He wanted to get rid of that sight but it was already too late.

He thought that maybe Jungkook wasn't the problem, maybe it was just his mind playing tricks cause he was having.. needs. Those sort of needs some good material certainly can quench.

So he opened his laptop and googled his favorite site, but couldn't find anything to get his rocks off. He searched and searched but nothing seemed to please him. Let's get something straight: he had never been the sexual type. Guys at his school had lost their v card early in the day, but when it came to him... his v card was still very much intact and he wasn't planning on losing it anytime soon. He was still waiting for that perfect someone to make it worth the while. Yeah, someone. Not a she or a he. At that point, he wasn't even sure about his sexual orientation anymore so he was open for any kind of experience.

Since he still couldn't find anything decent on that damn porn site, he eventually decided to go for some pictures instead. Luckily for his dignity, a sudden call from an unknown number distracted him from his intent.

"Hello? This is Taehyung" said the blue-haired boy, a tad annoyed for the interruption.

"Hi, this is Min Yoongi. Get the hell away from my boyfriend or I'm throwing hands"

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