Chapter 2

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"Katherine! Katherine, dear can you hear me?!" 

An annoying, high pitched voice rang in Kats ear, and she felt someone gently nudged her shoulder. She sat up, putting all her weight on her hands behind her, and slowly opened her eyes, the light was too bright and it was hurting her eyes. She placed her hand on her forehead in an effort to shadow her vision, but nothing was working. Thankfully someone noticed her efforts and tried to help her.

"Jonathan darling will you draw the curtains, Katherine cannot see in the bright light."

Unfortunately the person trying to help her was the lady with the high pitch voice, but her help was appreciated, as when the curtains were drawn by whoever jonathan was, she could see her surroundings. As her eyes adjusted to the dark room, she noticed a small group of people surrounding her, and she felt very uncomfortable, but what made her more uncomfortable than the five eyes focusing on her, were the fact that they were all in fancy dress. She noticed the room she was in, an old fashioned but beautifully decorated drawing room, worthy of being in a Jane Austen movie. 

There was a fire place in the middle of one of the walls, and it was the main focus point of the room. All the chairs and sofas were turned towards it, and she sat in front of it right now. There was no fire blazing in it however, as the room was already quite hot and bright. 

There were portraits on the wall, some with the people in this room, and some with people she had never seen before, but one portrait caught her attention. It was herself in the painting, dressed as some sort of mythical creature in white and holding a bundle of flowers. The theme of the room seemed to be cream and beige, the splashes of colour consisting of flowers in vases and the various paintings on the walls. 

There were gold candles, unlit everywhere in the room, and unfinished knitting and sewing that were abandoned on the chairs, presumably by the comotion she had caused. A tray of dirty teacups, a teapot and half eaten pastries lay on a side cabinet, and the room gave off an overall cozy regency feel.

Kat looked at what everyone was wearing and looked at her own clothing. She was wearing similar attire to the strange people standing in front of her. An empire line dress, cream coloured and embroidered with tiny flowers across the hemlines. She noticed the elaborate hairstyles of the women in front of her, and felt her hand subconsciously go to her own hair, it was up in a curled bun with pieces pulled purposefully out to frame the face. 

Suddenly Kat had realised what was going on. She was having a dream! She had fallen asleep reading emma and was now having her own regency dream. She pinched herself hard. It hurt and there was a large red mark. Everyone had stopped fussing over her and was now watching her with concern as she reached to pinch herself again. This pinch was not supposed to hurt, it was supposed to be a dream. The strange and irritating lady reached to grab Kats hand to stop her from pinching herself once again.

"Oh no Katherine, what are you doing! You can't ruin your skin, Lord Christopher and his son are going to be at Mrs Bridgetons garden party this weeke-"

"Oh Mother it's not just about appearances, Katherine is clearly in deep stress, look at the poor girl!"

The man named Johnathan spoke up. He seemed to be in his early 30s, and he looked like her. Same nose and mouth shape, black hair, the only difference was he had blue eyes like the strange and irritating woman who was clasping her hand. Kat pulled her hand back protectively to herself, and spoke up for the first time.

"Who are you, where am I and what the hell is happening?" She said rather crossly.

The irritating lady burst into an exaggerated sob, and buried her face into another girl sitting beside her, a girl who looked similar to Kat and Jonathan.

"My own daughter does not remember me, oh my whole life is ruined!" 

Kat saw a woman standing in the background who did not look like any of the other people in this room, she was short with strawberry blonde hair, roll her eyes. Kat immediately liked this girl.

The irritating lady who identified herself as Kats mother in this strange world immediately stood up, straightened her dress, and wiped an invisible tear from her eye.

"Johnathon please tell the servants to send for the doctor. Adelaide, Baroness please help dear Katherine to her room, she does not seem well."

Both the women bobbed a curtsy, muttering.

"Yes Mama"

"Yes Lady Abigail"

Lady Abigail then turned to Kat and pointed her finger.

"And I think it would serve you well not to use that foul language in my household young lady." Then she turned on her heel and waltzed out the room. Kat furrowed her brows. She hadn't sworn, what was she going on about? She rolled her eyes which caused the blonde girl to let out a chuckle.

Kat felt the blonde girl and the other girl who looked similar to herself, place their arms around her and help her down the halls of the huge house. They soon came to a door which opened to reveal a sumptuously decorated room with a large canopy be in the center of the room. She was undressed and left in a simple undergarment that looked like a nightgown, and her hair was undone and she was put in the bed. She sunk into it and immediately fell asleep. She could get used to this pampering if she was to be stuck in this world.

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