Chapter 1

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I woke up in a dead still. I was in my room. But it almost felt wrong. It felt as if something had happened in my dream that had shaken my whole body.

I looked to my left and realized I had left my window wide open. In the middle of winter. Stupid. That was probably why I was shaking. It wouldn't have been as bad had I had a blanket on, but alas, someone had stolen it from me. I looked to my right to see the thief.

Regis. Stupid boy. I'd get him back for that.

I brushed off my annoyance for the time being and checked my clock. 7:00. The number was delightful to my eyes. I still had thirty minutes before the morning alarm was supposed to go off. At this point, though, I was too wired to go back to sleep.

The feeling I'd had when I woke up had freaked me out a bit. I shook my uneasiness away and got out of bed, careful not to disturb my well-resting bestie. I slipped into the bathroom and jumped into the shower, using my extra time to scheme my revenge on Sir Blanket Thief.

Twenty minutes later, I hopped out, satisfied with my plan. It was simple but definitely effective. I went into my room and unplugged my clock. I didn't want my alarm to beat me to the punch. With a sneaky grin, I walked to my closet to get dressed. The room was small, but it was easy to maneuver my body after years of practice.

After successfully pulling up my skirt, I was ready to come out. I closed the door behind me and spared a glance at my bed. My victim was still there, sound asleep. Good. The stairs creaked lightly as I made my way toward the kitchen.

The pots in my hand were at the ready. I easily snuck back into my room and looked at my bed, but much to my dismay, it was empty. I huffed in disappointment.

Caught, like always.

"What woke you up this time?"

A smug voice behind me replied with, "By the way you practically stomped down the stairs, anyone would be wide awake and at the ready you dork."


"And here I thought I was being quiet."

"Gotta get up earlier in the morning to get me, hon."

I turned to see my best friend looking down at me with a pitiful expression. The jerk was even ready already! The blondie was dressed in a plain blue t-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans.

"Regis no! I can see your dick in those pants!"

Regis snickered, "Exactly, I want the masses to know what they're missing out on."

"Disgusting. I hope you know I won't be looking at you for the rest of the day."

"Oh, how will I manage? Woe is me! Oh, Cassie how will I live on without your beautiful eyes gracing my mega hot bod? Please, just end me now!"

I freed one hand and slapped him on the back of his head, receiving a satisfying ow in response.

"Now come, on or we'll be late." 

The drive to school was familiar and boring. The only thing keeping me remotely entertained was the radio, which was being hogged by the driver, Regis. I didn't dare change it from the lame classical music that was playing though; last time I even attempted to have my way, he intentionally almost crashed and killed us. It put the thought of having my way out the window ever again.

It wasn't always like that though, which was good. The two of us usually listened to our local indie station. Regis only listened to classical when he needed focus, which was every trip to school. He always completely zoned out on our way to school every day, but I didn't mind much; I just used the time to get some extra rest.

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