The Truth Revealed

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Trixie's POV

'why is he just standing there, is there something wrong with my hair or is he waiting for something' i thought to my self. 'why dose he wear that stupid he never wore it when we were younger, what is he hiding, i miss seeing those lovely lips, those poor lips waiting to be welcomed to the out side world once more'. before i knew it i was leaning in to grab a kiss from those cloth covered lips of his.   

"Ah ... Trixie what are you doing" kakashi asked as he avoiding the kiss. After hearing that I awoke from my day dream.
"Oh ... I ... was ... um" I tried making up a excuse witch was obviously fake until i saw Choji and Shikamaru walk past.
"Going to catch up with Choji and Shikamaru yeah that's what i was doing ... see ya Kakashi Sensei" I Said racing towards them.

Kakashi's POV 

"Ah ... Trixie what are you doing" i asked avoiding the kiss i so badly wonted. obviously hearing that she woke up from a dream ... day dream i don't know. 
"Oh ... I ... was ... um" she tried making up a excuse witch was obviously fake until something cough her attention. 
"Going to catch up with Choji and Shikamaru yeah that's what i was doing ... see ya Kakashi Sensei" Trixie said racing past me, as she left i got a sniff of her freshly washed hair it smelt like cherry blossoms on a summer day. 

"Bye ... Trixie" i wispered to myself.
For at least 15 minutes I walked alone with my nose in my icha icha Paridice  book. knowing that she will never love a pervert like me, it's even worse that she said it herself but then I heard a voice.
"Yo kakashi wanna get a drink" jirayia said impatiently.
"Sure" I replied still embarised about what happened between Trixie and I a couple minutes back.

1 hour latter (at the pub)

"What's wrong *hic* kakashi you've bearly *hic* touched your shots" Jirayia stated while guzzling down on the bottle of spirt.
"Jirayia can I ask you something" i asked hoping he wouldn't kill me.
"Sure what *hic* is it my *hic* friend you can tell *hic* me anything" he said trying to hold the alcohol down.

"Well you see I kind of like your doughter Trixie but I don't know how to tell her and I don't want to ruin our relationship I mean, we've been friends
Ever since..." I was stoped by the drunken man.
"Since you were 10 and she was 4 I know, there *hic* were multiple time i *hic* had to bribe you to give *hic* her *hic* back" he said glaring at me.
"Yeah ... that" I replied getting ready for my funeral.
"Well to *hic* tell you *hic* the truth she *hic* fricken *hic* loves you man she always had and *hic* always will" Jirayia explained.

"Your just saying that to make me fell better" hearing him say that made my day and ruined my day at the same time.
"No And I *hic* can prove *hic* it you know how *hic* she loves drawing *hic* Well that's *hic* my proof"  Master Jirayia said as he hands over a overused sketch pad. it had extra pages added to it, it was yellow and wrinkled,
The cover was covered in dryed  up paint. When I opened it what I saw made my heart flutter there were picture's of me on the top right corner it had the date and on the bottom left corner it had the details about when and where it was draw.

"2006 ... she's been doing the for 12 year's" I Said as my face went red from some of the drawings in this book.
"Keep it she's got *hic* more" he said with a smerk on his face.
After about 3 hours in the pub I finally decided to go home and think about how this is gonna go down. As I walked out to the middle of the street I saw Trixie my face went a hot red I gripped the sketch book and looked at her, her beautiful Gray Hair blowing in the wind, her purple eyes staring at the sky
She was obviously waiting for her dad so she could walk him home. She looked in my direction I panicked and teleported to my house I leend against my bed room door and squeeze the
book and whispered.
"If only I could tell you ... Trixie"

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